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Cool Tip - 9/15


I know that drives me nuts. Why people want to use loose and not lose is beyond comprehension. This is worse than squat rack curls.


yo, loose teh atittude! nuthinz wurss tahn sqwat rak kerelz!


Off topic, but every time I see your avatar I want to bury my face between those luscious cheeks.

Continue with the spelling lesson.


God, that "Cool Tip" was a long time coming.

Chris, do more. I think we should check out they're, their and there next time.


More nominations for Cool Tips:

Your / you're: When someone says "your stupid," I never know which one of my stupids he's referring too.

its / it's: "Its cold." Huh?

affect / effect: "This supplement has no affect." Yes, but is it effective?

To / too / two: "I like it to." You like it to what?

Maybe we need a "Cool Grammar" daily box. "T-Nation: Train Your Body And Your Mind."


Oh yeah. Mr. Chairman? I second this motion.


Have to ask who that is in your avatar


And while we are at it: yall, y'all and all the derivatives. Dy'all agree?


That avatar is amazing but it's so small! Post a larger picture. ASAP


I thought I was the only one being slowly driven insane by people wanting to "loose" weight!

Everytime someone says they want to loose weight, I get a Gladiator-esque picture in my mind of roman soldiers loading someones beer-belly into a trebuchet and the captain yelling LOOSE, and there goes their weight.

Let us hope that todays tip sinks in.


P.S. I don't know if the Romans actually used trebuchets, but you get my point.