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Cool things you've seen in the gym

We’ve had plenty of posts on things that piss us off etc, what about some of the impressive things you’ve seen, big weights moved correctly, genuine transformations etc. I know a guy who went from about 40lbs overweight at age 50 and with a back that had been broken a few years earlier to winning Masters b/building titles and has remained competing (and winning) last 5 years. Lets hear some good stuff for a change. Please, no wanky “I saw a guy bench 1k and then his head exploded” posts.

Heavier woman in her 40’s with a workout log. Sure I didn’t really like the spandex outfit or the weight belt, but she was working hard and keeping track of her lifts, which is more than I see with most other people there. She stopped me and asked for some help also… which I also thought was very cool.

myself in the mirror… oooh baby… do it to me me… oooh yea… aah… etc etc

other then that hot chicks working out with dumbells in the heavy weight area smelling all nice and purdy, or at one point when the crunch stuff (decline benches and straight benches) were right acros from where I was working out and this chick with a low cut blouse was on em, sweet… Speaking of chicks… isn’t it freaky how when you go into a club and there’s the cardio section, and all you see is female buts going up and down getting toned. Heaven?

There’s this 70-something year old guy at my gym. I’ve seen him squat 6-45 plates for 3-4 reps. Benches 225 for reps. He’s been there as long as I can remember and looks 50ish. We all gotta look up to someone.

I don’t train in a gym, but the coolest thing I can imagine would be a girl wearing sweatpants venturing into the free weights & lifting heavy. (i’m sure there’s a bunch, but I naver see them)

One guy who comes into the gym every once in a while really impresses me. He was doing shoulders the other day, and his first exercise was behind-the-necks with a barbell. GET THIS - he puts the shoulder press seat out of everyone’s way (we have a squat/power rack that he could have used), loads an O-bar with a 45 and 10 each side, cleans the bar, sits down, presses it from the front over his head and reps out 8-10 quality times. Then on the last rep, he lowers the bar to the front and sort of flips it to the floor as he’s standing up. No huge weights, no crazy form, but just an honest, very “un-lazy” 6’ 190 pound dude. Now that’s testosterone.

At my gym there is this old woman who comes in with her wheeled walker. She only uses the machines but it is motivating nontheless.

There is a guy that comes in regularly at my gym who can barely walk. He can shuffle along VERY slowly with a cane. He has either had some kind of debilitating disease or a horrible accident. He cannot load the plates onto the hammer machines himself, but always comes in and has someone do it for him and goes to work. The effort this guy has to put into getting up the stairs to where the hammer machines are is incredible, it takes about 15mins ( really ). This puts ANY excuse you or I could come up with to shame. The effort that he has to put into just coming in to work out is amazing.

The coolest thing in my gym is the steamroom and whirlpool.

I saw a guy bench 1k and then his head exploded

This kid got hit by a car. He was very nearly killed and had some pretty bad hear injuries. Well over a year later his dad brought him to the gym to continue his rehab. At first his dad had to lead him around and set up the machines for him. You could tell he wasn’t all there yet. That was about 5 years ago. Now the kid is a young man. He will never be as good looking as he would have been. He still has a few facial muscles that lack some tone but his body is just fine now. He still works out about 3 days a week.

Dammit boy, I look 50ish because I am 50ish, not in my 70’s.

Honestly, I never really ever see anything “cool” in the gym, mostly just kids trying to impress one another. Although once I saw this very petite girl do strict chins with an additional 25lbs on a belt. She was smokin’!

I guy get caught and kicked out for selling roids in the gym.


I work at a gym so I got a few:
theres this wicked hot MILF in my gym. She was the big stairmaster on one end of the gym. Some guys were talking bout her on the other. Her husband walked up to them. One said,“Is she married?” Another replied, “she might be, but if she goes home with me she won’t”
Her husband could have made the guy look pretty dumb, but he only replied that it was his wife.
Another time, my friend was doing t-bar rows while a girl was doing stiff-legged deadlifts off a step parallel to him. From the angle we were standing it looked like he was fucking her. A see-saw effect.
funny shit

My 8 year old female cousin do 23 chinups with strict form.

Sorry if it wasn’t clear. I was distracted watching TV. I meant to type that I had seen a guy caught selling roids in the gym get tossed out on his ass. What’s with the pickyourass jab? It wasn’t a very good one. Pikachu not being very close to “pickyourass.” Tate you have to be a little more creative than that. Maybe pickandchew would have been better. If you want to get childish then let me begin. I KNOW YOU ARE, BUT WHAT AM I?

8 year old girl doing 23 chin ups???

There is a guy at my gym who paralized from the waist down. He has incredible upper body development. This guy is a beast. Anyway, I’m sure people have seen guys like this in gyms putting in great effort. What struck me as really cool was this one time (at band camp :slight_smile: I was doing incline dumbell presses and was attempting to squeeze out a few last reps and I got stuck. I was about to drop the weights when somebody gave me a spot at the elbows and began yelling at me which allowed me to squeeze 3 more reps out. When I stood up to thank the guy I didn’t see him behind the bench. Confused I leaned over and saw this guy pulling himself back into his chair. I still don’t know exactly how he did it, but that was pretty damn nice of him. Since then, I’ve seen him help others out in similar ways, but never ask for any himself. Pretty cool guy. Oh yeah, I did see a guy bench some rediculous amount of weight (don’t know what 1k is in lbs.,) but anyway he stood up and some blood started coming out of his left ear. So he packed up and left. No big scene, but I never saw him again. He was a regular there too, crazy SOB.