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Cool Thing at Gym Today


This bomb ass little Afghan girl I know came over to study today, so we're going over some flash cards and whatever and she notices I have dumbbells by my guitar. She goes and sits over there (and how the wall is built its like a little cubby space) She then see's my diet plan, goals, my T-Wall (aggressive/motivational statements/pictures etc). So we start talking about working out and shit.

She asks me to go to the gym with her this afternoon...I'm game...why not... she says she can get me in for free. It's a Bally's so I knew the squat rack would be free :smiley:

So we go, and I'm definitely prepared to scare the shit out of some people...I have some Olifts planned and overhead squats, the trainer dude was like "oh my god his knees!", the ladies really liked the hanging pikes though... of course... I did lift my shirt to wipe my face afterwards- maybe thats what the "Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm's" were about (god i'm a show off hehe)

Well she's going to go do her hour of cardio rolls eyes but before she goes, she tells me "Ok I know you like to be super focused before you go lift so i'm not going to bug you, just wanted to say thanks for coming with me, so have fun"...gives me a hug and goes off to be a rat in a wheel.

Anyway, I turn up "The Game" and go to work making bally's patrons have bug eyes.

That impressed me that she grasped the importance of my pre-workout focus time immediately, AND that she was cool with it...

Also, NOW I know why you guys go to commericial gyms!!!!!!!!!!!

My gym is a private gym so not a whole lot of people there, especially the hours I go, and at least we have 3 power racks, and a few of the guys cage fight, and stuff, we're allowed to use chalk- whatever. Good Gym.

But we get like one pretty female every week or so. And I swear we turn them off cause in our testosterone frenzy EVERY guy in there is salivating after her and is a thinning gray hair of an alzheimer's patient away from throwing her down on a Swiss ball and practicing some Renegade ProprioERECTION drilling.

Commericial gym... ASS... EVERYWHERE

I couldn't turn around without some ass and titties just EVERYWHERE. I'm glad I had worn my glasses to the gym cause that shit was out of hand...(its hard to keep your clean close to ur body with a boner in the way)

WOW. I really want to go back there, but my workout was kind of shitty today, didn't put up the #'s I wanted to. I think it's an effect of all of that ass. So I'll be returning to my dungeon of Doom.

But goddamn if I'm not going to frequent a commercial gym at least once a month to get some tail.

"Hi gorgeous, what's your name..."
"Scratch that, I don't care..."
"How much do you weigh?... 105?"

grabs dumbbell of equal weight...snatches it immediately overhead...

"so what do u think about that huh..."
"why are you walking away???!!"