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Cool T-Nation Features: High Impact Articles


Want to read the BEST training articles that were ever posted on T-Nation?

The best diet articles? The best interviews?

You can find them here:


We've picked the "best of the best" in various categories and you can find them all listed sequentially under "HIGH IMPACT" in the drop-down menu underneath the ARTICLES heading on the left side of the page.


This? This is cool. It's like being able to access my T-Nation bookmark folder from any computer...



Nice feature. Very interesting to see "the editors" choices.

Most surprising omissions: Eight Keys and Periodization Bible. (unless I missed them)


I just noticed that for the first time the other day and was enjoyed a good stroll through the hall of greats. I found that chanko article particularly good.

Was it tough coming up with the list of those deemed "Impact Rated"?


You know, you guys could really print all those articles, put them in a book, and charge about $1000 for it, and I would call it a great deal. T-Nation is damn cool.


Hmmm. You mean take the "Men's Health" business model of compiling all their magazine articles from the previous year and putting them in book form and selling it for $40 when a year of the magazine costs half that? I'd like my T-Nation to stay the way it is: free and way more informative than "Men's " magazine.





Excellent, TC...a tip of the MicroSlash top hat to you. A dynamic website that just keeps getting better.

MicroSlash - "Wondering how to curl a Les Paul properly since 1999..."


Yeah, it was a bear! Many of the top ten might as well have been decided by a coin flip--that's how close in quality many of them are.


You missed Vroom's "Are you a Beginner?".


GREAT idea.