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Cool stuff you've seen in the gym

There are a lot of threads about numbskulls and stupid stuff in the gym… how about cool stuff you’ve seen?

Some cool stuff I’ve seen lately:

  1. A relatively small guy doing dips for reps with +100 pounds.

  2. Women over 40 repping it out on pullups.

  3. An older guy, former competitive powerlifter who now has some significant medical problems, pulling close to 400 off the floor.

hot chicks

seeing freinds and fellow gym goers break PB’s after years of slogging it out
seeing a guy i used to work with go from fukn obese to pretty buff, and looking at doing a show later this year

oh, and hot chicks (the taka boys know what i mean…go us!)

What do you call a relatively small guy. I’m 160 and can dip with 100 pounds for 6 reps.

Yest. saw a guy my size (I’m 5’10" 180lbs) do multisets of 6 rep squats with 315 lbs. (I do multisets of 8 reps with only 225). Definitely something to work towards.

JasonL, this guy was also about 160. I’m impressed. I’m a small guy and can do a set of six with +60. +100 is definitely something to work toward.

Let me see. . . cool stuff I’ve seen . . . Well, most recently there was this absolutely gorgeous girl in the gym. She’s a synchronized swimmer with an absolutely flawless body.

That part was mildly cool, the really cool part was when she grabbed some weight and began doing one arm dumbell snatches. She followed those with some woodchoppers with a medicine ball. I had to ask her if she read t-mag but alas she’d never heard of it. It was part of the program put together for her by her strength coach.


Us small guys need extra weight for dips/chins, our bodyweight just isn’t enough!

My gym has a rope that attaches at the ceiling. It is just a straight piece of rope for climbing. My workout partner (80 year old man) and I climbed it our first shot at it. I want to work towards climbing it twice in a row and then adding some weight.

I know of a couple of amazing people who I cross paths with at the gym.

One 40ish year old man. I’ve run across him a couple of time a weeks for years without knowing his story. Not a huge guy, but really good upperbody. Lower body hard to tell because he always wears long light-weight flowing pants that had elastic at the hem. Well I’ve watched him come into the gym about 4 days a week for years, and we often exchanged small talk. He works a circuit style of training, with heavy presses, killer ab workouts, chin ups, all types of rows, and even lighter weight leg presses. I know he is a rower and spends a lot of time on the river, and I often see him riding a bicycle around the neighborhood. So, I was totally suprised one day when we were discussing an upcoming run, when he said he didn’t do running. He then took his knuckles and knocked on both legs right above the knee…they are prosthetic legs.

Yesterday I ran into a young woman (early 30’s) who I used to train with last year quite a bit. She was a former marathon runner who had taken up weight training with a vengence. I had run into her in January, and she said she hadn’t been feeling well due to some anemia. I was very happy to see her back working out, but a bit dismayed to see how poorly she looked. She confided to me that she had been fighting cancer, and had just finished both chemo and radiation the end of May. I found it amazing that she is back at it, trying to build back her strength already. She did confide that if there are any silver linings, the fact that she was in very good physical shape when diagnosed may have saved her life, and certainly made getting through chemo and radiation easier.

Didn’t mean this as a downer, but an inspiration…when I start to complain when I don’t get a good enough case of DOMS, I’m going to think instead about the persistence of these two people.

Thanks Rebecca. Truly inspirational.

Keep an eye out for my dad. 80+, he’s back hitting the iron after beating prostate cancer.
Oh yea, and this guy had polio as a kid, took a few bullets in the chest in WWII and overcame lung cancer (and gave up smoking). We got him running when I was in high school, then turned him on to weights.
The prostate cancer treatments kept him out of the gym for about a year, but he’s back now!
He’s out in Rancho.

T-puppy – Have him try climbing that baby upside down. Hard shtuff.

ryno - that would be impossible. Even if it would be possible, and I could do it, I wouldn’t because of the risk involved. You’d be 20 feet in the air and then you’d make one wrong move and come flying face first into the ground. You would be very unbalanced. Doesn’t make sense to do it that way. . . Maybe you were joking

T-puppy: ryno may have been joking, but I have witnessed this done. My old high school wrestling coach climbed the rpoe hanging from our gym upside down on many an occasion. It would be a heck of a fall, though.

One of the guys who trains at the same place I do loaded a 420 lb. stone onto a 42" box, and also walked 60 feet with a 900+ lb. super yoke in 11 seconds. As for the stone laod, I can count on one hand the number of people in the U.S. who can do that.

Took a PLAYBOY’s model body fat at a gym once and insisted that I need to do the 7 site test to be acurate w/ the bf, the 7 site includes the chest. And she didn’t mind. God was that a beautiful site!

Ok…so maybe I am a little biased…but when my ex training partner, Montrosefan…does a 540 pound squat…all the way down…with a 3110 tempo…and does sets of 6 with 460 on a 3110…(hes 5 5" and about 190)…it contrasts so radically with the guys doing half squats with light speed eccentrics…

There is a guy who is 100% legall blind at the gym I train at who is as consistent as the best of them; uses his walking cane to navigate the gym!

I don’t know if this is a big deal but I saw a huge 6’7" dude, that was cut to hell and developed enough to do shows, pull down 420 lb on a one pully stack (with a 115 lb girl standing on it!) about 6 times for 3 sets. That is the most I have ever seen a person pull with a wide grip. Maybe some else has though? Oh and yes, beautiful women that are extremely athletic! Also a very fit family of three lifting hard and smart.

A 95kg (209lbs) guy cleaning 180kg (396lbs.) for several singles.

An 85kg (187lbs) guy deadlifting 300kg (660lbs). And he was missing the middle finger on one of his hands.

A 125kg (275lbs) guy deadlifting 267.5kg(589lbs) for 4 reps. This was just last night. He looked like he had a couple more reps in the bag.

Intentional or not, the pun was funny, in a lowest form of humor sort of way. :slight_smile: