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Cool Shirts


www.rangerup.com I ordered a few. Only the cool kids are allowed to order here. no treehuggers, hippies are weirdo liberals. I ordered the homeland security threat list, USN SEAL memorandum, I club hippies, don't tread on me.

The my ops are blacker than your ops is on backorder for XL.


baller dude. thanks for the link


They are fun, enjoy. I'm going to wear the I club hippies at the slayer concert in a few weeks.




Carbon Footprint, fekking priceless.

Check out www.lifelibertyetc.com, they have a few interesting items.


The MRE shirt is awesome.


YOU'RE awesome




Nice costumes, y'all.


Nice shirts, but I can't wear these. I'll probably have 3 Rangers asking me why I'm wearing a shirt with "Ranger" on it.


Nice. I like that I club hippies shirt. The Homeland security threat list is pretty good to although, I think I would have to explain that one way to much.


I think you'd be okay, the I club hippies shirt I'm wearing now has the logo on it's sleeve.


Not if you wear it in Arizona.