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Cool Shirts / Help ID Them


I honestly don't know where to post this. Anyways, I want one of those tank top things that are like string tops where the middle goes down past your nipples but the strings cover them. You know the ones that the bodybuilders always use to work out in. I want one of those in a cool flourescent color and all that. I noticed that there are varying depths that the middle goes down to. Some almost go down to your pants and some only past your nipples. I think I want one that goes down to the top of my stomach or something like that. But Anyways I want to know what these things are called, and where to get them. I think working out in these would be a blast, not to mention the awesome motivation i get when i am wearing flourescent colors. Maybe i'll wear baggy pants and a fanny pack too.


That would, without a doubt, totally rock. Definitely need to have the cheetah style beach pants though... like the ones MC Hammer used to wear.

You'll probably be doing pretty heavy curls if you wear that stuff though, so remember to wear your weight belt all the time. Even to the grocery store (man that OJ is heavy!)


Yeah, you'll need a doo-rag if you wanna look really Really cool too


You guys have no clue. Want real style? A string vest, T-Michael clown pants, and sunglasses for when the lights are bright in the gym.


Dont forget your fanny pack. You have to wear one of those when your hyyoogge because you cant get your hands in your pocket. Oh yeah I almost forgot you need to get a plaid flannel shirt and cut the arms off, you know so you dont get to hot.


Pshhh.. F all of that, man. The zebra/tiger-striped pants are a definite, but the shirt needs to be a see-through mesh. Like fishnets.


Wait wait wait, you do have the gloves with the wrist straps right??


Of course he does! I'm sure he's hyoooge from sniffing creatine. And all guys hyoooge from sniffing creatine have gloves with wrist straps.


I'm more of a utilitarian guy. Function over form. The leather jacket w/ speedos is the best combination of comfort and temperature regulation.


How about something more classic?


Like Gene Rychlak? I wouldn't be surprised if his sunglasses are surgically attached to his face.


Those chains are hot.

The outfit's a little weird.


Would you tell Gene Rychlak that he looks stupid in them? Mind you, we could outrun him.


That is fucking hilarious!


Two words for you... Feathered Boa.


No guys i'm actually serious I want one of these shirts. I really want help to know what they're called or where to get them. IM NOT JOKING!


You forgot about footwear. THE BEST shoes for getting huge are wrestling shoes and heavy duty construction boots. I would say if you are a beginner go with wrestling shoes, if you have progressed to throwing weights and then staring them down, move on to boots.


Really? Oh. Sorry.


Good god...I think that if anybody does know the name of these shirts...DON'T TELL HIM!


Marvelous_MaCaw ...

If you want to be an O.G. like me, buy an XL muscle shirt or tank-top and then alter it with a sharp pair of scissors!

Custom made workout closthes let people know that you really care.:smiley: