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Cool Roelly Winklaar Training Vid


Im sorry If this has been posted before.Its interesting how he grabs the dumbells kinda offset.I like how he behaves in the gym.He seems like a class act.


I would guess that he did not obtain that size with his current training method.


don't see how this is a cool video haha, no impressing lifts and horrible music


You're probably right its likely he does this when he is so close to precontest to avoid injury.Or maybe his training looks nothing like this and it was a one-off for the vid..


Agreed. This is right before the contest. All most of them are trying to do at that point is not cause an injury but pump more blood into the muscles...because by that point it is far too late to gain any more or lose any more body fat.

You don't build arms like that with super laid back training.



Squatting 750# for reps. Slightly more impressive.


ok that kinda bitch slaps the vid I put up haha.


And goodness, what arms he has!
In the current bodybuilding crop, I think Roelly's arms are tops...right there in league with Phil Heath's. The triceps are incredible...and I love that 3-D look the deltoid adds to the arm...in effect, making the arm looking that much bigger and dense.


i think this gives a better idea of his arm training


why is he always holding foam parts to grip around the bar anyway? to increase grip?


I just love the old goblin lady that trains him.


Dude, have you lifted a heavy weight before? That question may seem ass holish, but honestly,. any guy who doesn't know how big your callouses can get from this wouldn't ask the question in the first place.

I personally don't wear gloves or anything, but as a result, I could use my palms as sand paper.




X2. Together they've made a serious man beast.


nice clip thanks for posting it.I dont ANYONE is going to tell that dude off for getting a spot on curls.


then why doesn't he just wear gloves like everybody else


People, the fucking pad is for forearm development. He's going pretty light (for him) and this way he can stimulate more forearm without compromising his set. Is it really that hard?


lol Prof made fun of the guy for his question and he doesn't actually know what it is either O.o

It's the fat gripz thing haha.


Foam also gives you a thicker grip on the bar, which is more comfortable. It's a bit like fat gripz, but allows you to squeeze the bar still.


I was a bit late coming in with that stunning insight...


That means it can be used for hand protection as well. What was so off about what I wrote?

I may look into those though seeing as I have decided I want forearms that belong on a silverback.