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Cool Punching Power Analogy


Perfect analogy.


I concur....quote from an acquaintance of yours?



little bit of strength work never hurt either haha :wink:


I think GSP teached Bj about that


you guys can't lift engine blocks?


Shane Mosley?


The only thing to ever really hurt Shane Mosley has been Shane Mosley[and Vernon Forrest].


No I just remember reading an article where he said weightlifting was hurting his power. And it wasn't a bunch of bodybuilding stuff, Shane was on the weightlifting team in HS and is pretty strong.


To be honest fighters always blame the weights when they've a bad night, somehow lifting weights doesn't affect them while they're winning though.


There ya go, fixed that for you.


I like that analogy for trying to increase punching power. It doesn't explain why a lot of guys with the most power aren't the most technical or polished. You need to know how to throw punches obviously, but I think you've got it or you don't, to a large extent.


Actually no, remember how you sucked at walking when you were born? and you tried over and over to stand up and now you are able to walk like everyone else??

I just read a book that just confirmed what i always thought all my life.

Code of Talent by Daniel Coyle



I've said this for a long time. You'll never make a Paulie Malignaggi into a Diego Corrales... some cats can throw, some cats can't.


Care to show some videos? I know the names but i never saw both of them fighting.

Actually, i saw Corrales war against Popo, he is one hell of a boxer.

Malignaggi i saw him brawl at his weigh-in to his next upcoming fight.


This was Chico's greatest fight. Some of the shots he hit Castillo with would have killed a lesser man.


This is pitter patter paulie. Can't crack an egg.



It's not the weights, from what I've heard Kelly Bagget went into some detail with me on this one. I'm tryin to find the exact email to it...but it's the FATIGUE that is saying making them have LESS POWER and that is hurting their power. Shane Mosley when he was lifting weights said it was hurting his KO ratio or something and when he stopped lifting he started KO'ing guys again. Well I'm sure he kept doing the same amount of pad work, bag work, sparring, speed work etc etc. and ON TOP OF all that he is lifting weights. Well he is already in a state of fatigue...lifting weights which will greatly increase that fatigue and the more fatigue there is building up the less power you will have. Same thing works for vertical jumps and squats. Keep doing squats hard your vert will go down, as soon as you lay-off squats and do some explosive work in 2 weeks I am sure it will rise a few inches cause the fatigue will dissipate..but stay not doing squats to get stronger and overtime the reverse will happen.

** ANYWAYS my next post will be another thnig Kelly mentioned about fatigue and weights etc. that I will post on here in a second, I hope he doesn't mind that I am posting this :slight_smile: lol Kelly's the man.


Kelly and I were goin back n forth on emails and this is one of them:

The only time weight trainign will really make you slow is if you avoid activities that allow you to express your speed for too long. It all goes back to the talk I've had with you before about fatigue. Fatigue slows muscle contraction times. Yes, heavy strenght training does slow muscle contraction speeds slightly because it fatigues them slightly. High volume explosive training will do the same thing. Endruance training will do the same thing. Pretty much anyhting will do it, other than really low volume (think HIT Level volume), explosive training where there is NO muscle fatigue or microtrauma involved.

You can see examples of that in the 2nd part of my fast twitch matchine article. The good thing is it only takes a shor tperid of time for that fatigue to remove and the muscle to freshen up, which is why you taper before an event...or why you periodically do a short intensive low volume pure power phase on occassion. The problem is if that's all you do you start to lose strength and size, and tha tdefinitely makes you slower and less explosive. Most athletes who worry about weight training making them slower are already doing too much of something else causeing them to be slower then their weight training.

Boxing trainers for exmaple will tell you, "don't lift heavy it'll make you slow". Well hell there'll already having their guys throw 5000 punches per day which will sure as hell make them slower then the guy who lifts his ass off and trains a more reasonable 1000 punches per day, if that makes sense.

HOpe that helps guys.