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Cool Personality Test

This is probably the best free personality test I’ve fouind online:


It was so accurate that it was actually quite spooky.

I think I have seen that before. I got a real sense of Deja Vu doing the test.


Its like a joke without a punchline tho.

Dont read till after you take the test

I stopped after the 10th time I was asked if I experience DeJa Vu, I was hoping my “yes” answer would end the test but it didnt(I’ve seen one like that before). Hitting the next button a bunch of times until question 200 makes me think this was a good idea.

Maybe the “Created by The Surrealist for the 1st of April 2005. Tell and thank your friends.” on the bottom of the page should have been the tip off?

[quote]Nomancer wrote:

Its like a joke without a punchline tho.[/quote]

Yeah, that’s what I like about it. It’s very anticlimactic. Like on Supertroopers, every time Farva says something he thinks is really funny, and no one laughs.

I got you good, Chickenf*cker!

really, the more i’m browsing on that site, less funny it is.

I just wasted 10 minutes doing that test…thanks a lot…

I seem to recall a better one…

It was much the same, except when you closed the window, something popped up, or it emailed you or something, and it gave your “IQ score” based on how many questions you answered.

That was fuckin stupid. I answered 90 somthing questions, then kept clicking on next page (not answering them) until I was up to 250 something. Not funny at all.

I think it’s funny that people are getting upset for sitting and wasting their time with this. Hilarious, suckers.

[quote]Tin Can wrote:
That was fuckin stupid. I answered 90 somthing questions, then kept clicking on next page (not answering them) until I was up to 250 something. Not funny at all. [/quote]

I did the same damn thing…thanks for wasting my time lol. I was pissed by the time i got to 90.

Haha let’s just say that I AM a VERY persistant person!

Oh wtf, i got to 200, then gave up, then I read the next few lines of this thread. For fuck sake 200!

I was getting impatient after the first 100 questions…but I persisted to 354 and finally gave up after getting many of the same questions over and over again.

Stupid shit! It was pissing me off. I am so impatient that stuff like that makes me angry in a heartbeat!

Pretty funny. I stuck it out to 250. I kept telling myself: I’ll stop at 50, then 100, etc.

Just out of curiosity… Were you feeling deja vu?

Thanks to having Psychology 101 in Minnesota, I knew that the old MMPI, which the questions seemed to be based on, only had repeats because of the early limitations of computer memory. There’s your fun fact of the day.

Fuckers! I went to 364… I guess when I checked I am always persistant I was dead on!

I started reading the whole thread after question 200. At first, I thought the repetitive questions and the verbalisation of questions from different angles, e.g. “I often have a déjà vu”, “I never have a déjà vu”, etc., were meant to fathom some sort of discrepancies or insecurities of one’s personality. In some cases, due to the five nuances of the input mask, I actually wasn’t sure what I had clicked the first time.

I would rather have spent 15 minutes working on my subpar flexibility than answering stupid questions in the framework of a pointless internet test.

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