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Cool OL Videos


check the recovery on the squat jerk at about 2:40, how he got that up is beyond me.


Is it just me or does watching Ilya Ilin lift make you nervous. He just does NOT look like he is strong enough to throw nearly 500lbs over his head. I am always expecting his arms to break in two or something, freaky...lol


i feel like that watching that blonde canadian chick. i mean, she lifts beautifully, but she looks so slender i always expect her arms or legs to snap like twigs.



ugh, ya, ditto!


Seen most of those already but it's cool seeing'em all in the same place. At 2:40 that was Bedzhanyan, same guy who now holds the clean and jerk record at 105. And I love how that video ended on Steiner's gold medal winning lift.


See, I love watching Ilya Ilin lift. He is just so fast and so slick. And I disagree, he's not overly lean/muscular looking, but to me he looks pretty thick. Though his arms are a little shakier than other top lifters.