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Cool New Invention

Christmas is approaching… just thought I’d throw this out there incase you’re looking for gift ideas.


I just pissed myself.

Hopefully Rumbach you weren’t wearing a pair of swanky new Diesel jeans.

I guess thats for days that you just finished an intense forearm workout but still want pound one out.
Looks great
:slight_smile: Groove

How lazy is that? But I guess it saves you from developing Stroker’s Elbow.

Patricia - nah, I always work in the nude.

that rocks. i dont give a shit what language it comes in, ill figure it out.

the best part about it:


Really glad I didn’t open this link at work. By the way how lazy can you get? People wonder why they are fat. At least have the will power to beatoff yourself. :wink:

Anyone seen those “manequins” that look and feel like a real woman? I think Ron Jeremy endorses them and in the ad it shows him pourin’ the cob to one.Funny as hell.I think they cost about $10 000.
Looks like good times.Good times…


TC did a little article on the company/products a few years back. Issue 68.


I’m frightened that it has a man hand. The nails are kind of feminine, but that hand is a man hand.

Just in case anyone’s interested in the accompanying text, here’s some of it:

From the first pic:

A fully-automated cock machine.
Now you can read your porn with both hands and shoot off!
At last, a dream machine for men.

And a little further down (the pic of the guy spreading the “hand” with his fingers):

Even if you have a thick dick the hand will expand to meet it.

Hahaha… cool. I was hoping it was thick-dick compatible.

Thanks for chiming in w/ the translation, char…

Ooooh, I didn’t think about the porn-surfing applications. A third hand may not be such a bad idea.

You think my co-workers would find it offensive to use it as a paper weight?

I’d like one, but I think the wire could get cumbersome. Maybe I’ll wait for the cordless remote version.

Speaking of remotes…

An ex-girlfriend of mine relayed to me a story of some of her recent solo work. She had a “rabbit” vibrator or something that was quite effective for her. Both internal and external stimulation. Anyway, she was going at it in her room, and the damn controls broke as she was getting near the end. She got furious and threw the thing against the wall, breaking it into pieces.

I’m glad my hand isn’t battery operated.

Jared, too funny. I know a girl who thinks her husband is lame in bed, so she has a vibrator named Antonio. She talks about it…er uh him like it’s a person. Very sad.

How did I miss out on the generation of women who talk openly about their vibrators?

for the real “do it your selfers” lol


I forwarded the hand job machine to the girl I mentioned before, and I shit you not, this was her reply:

It’s a good thing she doesn’t post here. :slight_smile: