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Cool Music/Drinking Site


Ever wonder what drink would best compliment your music?


I named as many random bands as I could, yet I couldn't stump it.


Static-X and Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey...

I think I'd kill somebody or go break something.


ugh... terrible combination. In fact, anything with Static-X is a terrible combination (o I went there).


Not good. We all know Jazz master Allan Holdsworth is a big beer lover. What does it suggest? Red wine.


Type in "DIO", you guys will like the answer. HAH


Iron Maiden - 10oz. LSD - agreed


As far as drinking goes... I totally agree with that. lol


12 OUNCES!!?


Probably because, if you look at the fine print, it's "powered" by Last.fm which, if I recall, has a very expansive music selection.

I typed in Behemoth, and what does it tell me? 8oz blood, 8oz club soda, and 8oz Zubrowka vodka, haha.

edit: haha typed in Gorgoroth -> 10oz blood, 10oz wheatgrass juice


Justin Bieber- 10oz redbull served on the rocks

sounds like my kinda party!


Wow, impressive... I threw everything I had at that site. I stumped it with some very-little-known bands that I know of but it even had some "almost-no-name" bands in there that I didn't think they'd have.


Michael Jackson-8 oz redbull on the rocks WTF!!


I'll have a NIN but I don't think I could stomach the How to Destroy Angels.


Don?t listen to Afro Celt Sound System alone. We suggest?

12 oz. Ecstasy
12 oz. Lemon juice


?The Meshuggah?

8 oz. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey

Serve on rocks. Stir quickly. Garnish with cocktail monkey.



1 bottle Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey
Serve neat.