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Cool License Plates

Obviously, the reward for this goes to the Seinfeld episode where the DMV screws up with Kramer’s new licence plates and he ends up with a set that say “ASSMAN.” Funny as hell.

Then I started thinking…what would be some badass license plates? Heres a few:





You guys got any ideas for killer license plates?

A white supremacist, are we? :slight_smile:

Perhaps I, um, don’t understand the lingo you crazy kids use these days…but the plates you listed are…um, desirable?

Sometimes when you have nothing wise to contribute to the world you’re better off keeping mentally challenged thoughts like those to yourself.

Well, Lisa, there’s nothing wrong with CUNTLKR as far as I’m concerned. :slight_smile:

Lisa, oh yeah, more than desirable.

Plates like these are all the rage nowadays.

Why do you think kids are trying to con their parents into moving to the small, bullshit states? Alaska, Rhode Island, etc. Its because theres barely anybody there and all the cool license plates are still available.

I actually heard that “GASCHMBR” was taken in all 50 states. Thats a hot item right there.

Haha. What kind of response did you think you were going to get there, bud?


Me neither, Jared :slight_smile:

Lisa, I figured as much. :slight_smile:

The others are a WEE bit too hurtful to be funny.

I saw one hanging in a store the other day - MUSLHED. How true it was.

someone needs to slap this shit out of chrismcl extremely hard.

Yeah aside from cuntlkr I dont see what’s desirable about those plates?

Mix those plates with a shaved head and a big swastica tatt and you really are looking at a stereotype…



Why the hell use examples like you used?


Wow, guys.

It was just for shits and giggles.

Holy bejeezus.

You just really damaged your rep around here. Joke or not. Visit the holocaust museum, then try to be funny.

You’d be popular with minorities and WW2 vets, that’s for sure.

NT2FUNE how bout this one will it work

I’d like to see what happens when you drive around with plates like that. Momma jokes and general put-downs are ok on the forums, but not making fun of racists? WTF? I guess that is parallel to steroids being considered acceptable, but entheogens not. On topic, I would want FT TON to go on my GIWASAd-to-hell Viper with a foot ton of torque.

How about these?


how about… GOTCUNT