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Cool Kid Moment


I was changing my kid's diaper this morning and hear "B ...I....O...T...E..." and figured out she was spelling Biotest from my T-shirt.

Brag moment, she is only 18 month old

and benches 300 pounds


....and let me guess, she had a ripped out stop sign in one hand and a gallon jug of water in the other?

For real though, that's great for a 18 month old, I'd brag too


[quote]Tex Ag wrote:
I was changing my kid's diaper this morning and hear "B ...I....O...T...E..." and figured out she was spelling Biotest from my T-shirt.

As an old Dad of 19 year olds, enjoy these times man they go really quick. Congrats on father hood.


Read Outliers...NOW! I'm almost finished reading it myself.

And what DJHT said. Before you know it you will be giving gentlemen callers the stink eye lol.


We have a gallon jug of water next to her humidifier and she pulls it up (when partially full) saying "Heavy!" So, kinda...


^U have an awesome kid


^ Thanks


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Your kid is seriously awesome.


But she didn't even finish spelling it! WTF?!?! I hope she doesn't grow up thinking it's okay to start things but not finish them!!

Naw JP. Congrats!! I actually look forward to having kids for moments like these


have you tried hitting her?

but seriously man, cool kid.


did not expect this.


How does this apply? Just curious.


Really? You new around here, Susie?


i expect it in threads now about your child LOL


I have a son, 4 and a daughter, 3 and they both walk around the back yard with rocks (ala baby strongman) Saying "look daddy, we're strong like you."
LOL, can't really put into words how that makes me feel.

Good kid, Tex Ag.


Mine is a little drill sergeant and she is not quite three yet. Last week when I was lifting (I don't recall what exercise) she was trying to put a 10 pound plate onto the bar while I was between sets. She could not hold onto it very well it but had no problem dragging it over to the bar I was using along with a small 20 pound KB. I was worried about her dropping it on her toes until she went for the 25 pound plate but she thought better of it.

When I tell her I am almost through she tells me "again, again, more" and mimics every exercise movement I do with her bar (small cable row bar about 18" long).
It is awesome!

Edit: I think I will try to video the next time she crawls up on the Roman Chair/Hyperextension or does her version of seated cable rows.


That's awesome. Sounds like you have some cool kids.


I do not workout at home but my wife does and has told me our little girl likes to help. I discovered today that she knows some yoga. She did a Downward Dog and was saying "Arf Arf Arf." That had me laughing.

Good to see you are teaching yours well.


Yeah, mine will do something like a yoga pose where she almost goes into a hand stand and pushes herself back up and shouts Ta Da! It's cute stuff. Sounds like yours does the same stuff.