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Cool Down


As I get older my warm-ups are getting longer. I mainly use a roller, dynamic stretches + plenty of warm-up sets. I definitely see a difference when I rush or cut through my warm-ups.

But what about cool downs? It seems like everybody suggests static stretching but I have never felt a difference if I did it or not. I cannot say that I've ever noticed a difference in speed of recovery or flexibility. Is there a better way of cooling down? Is it really necessary?



Feel like I've mentioned this recently in another thread, but if I don't do some static stretching at least a couple times a week when I'm training heavy, my back progressively tightens up to the point I can barely walk. GqArtguy said something about some eccentric BW squats postworkout to help with knee pain, which I'll probably wind up trying out. Besides that, so long as my warmups are in check I generally feel pretty good.

I'm relatively young though. Still in my 20s.


i don't cool down. i don't see the point / why it would help... i might do some foam rolling if something feels tight / stiff... but usually it seems to work better for me to sort that shit out as part of my warm-up (otherwise it affects my ability to hit positions).

i walk home. takes about 10 minutes. or bike. that takes about 3. does that count??


oh yeah. takes me forever to warm up lolz.


This reminded me, I generally have a 5-20 minute walk post workout to get to either my car or home, depending where I'm lifting.