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Cool Down After Workouts

Hi all,
Curious to know what people do as a “cooldown” after a workout. I used to do nothing and just leave the weight room, but I’m thinking that may not be such a good idea. Light cardio? Stretching? thanks for the feedback.

I always cool down with nothing major just 5 minutes of cardio followed by a few minutes of streching. I would say that cooling down makes me recover a lot faster than not cooling down…on leg day especially cooling down will help with recovery.

i really like going in the steamroom right after i lift.

blowing my load

listen to Bell Biv DeVoe and play “You Got Served” against myself in the mirror

I walk to my truck and play Trance Generators. I then grab some glow sticks out of my center console and go crazy for the duration of the “Rock to da Beat” song. If Yoji comes on after I continue for that song specially if “Hardhouse Raver” comes on. That’s how I roll.

try the sauna

10 minutes of low intensity cardio followed by static stretching.
If you’re going to stretch out after your session (particularly a high intenstiy one) you need to be careful not to go too deep as this will only risk injury

I live pretty close to my gym, so after the usual beating I give my body, just the 10 minute stagger home is a nice little cool down for me :slight_smile:


Thanks for the very helpful replies. Much appreciated.

A 1 mile bike ride home.:stuck_out_tongue:

After leg day, contrast showers (hot/cold/hot/cold) really helps with reducing DOMS the few days after.

7-10 mins on the rower, very gentle. Then a solid 20 mins stretching.-Cuts my soreness down by at least 80%.

I like a medium paced walk followed by a long stretch, holding each stretch for 30-45sec.

If you can get someone else to strech you as well. Partner stretching gets the max out of muscles and helps recovery.

Oh yeah fluids - recovery shake and water (plenty of water)

I’ll usually do some static stretching, then foam rolling.

After this if I have time I’ll jump in the steam room followed by a cold shower.

Cycle home then a nice hot bath.

[quote]wushu_1984 wrote:
Cycle home then a nice hot bath.[/quote]


5 mins in the Sauna
5 mins in the Steam room stretching
A shower switching between hot and cold a few times (flushes lactic acid apparently)

Leisurely walk home

(first post - wahey!)

Stretch the muscles you worked.

the sauna feels incredible after a hard workout