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Cookware Suggestions


I'm looking to get rid of my teflon-coated, scratched-to-hell pots and pans, and get a set of stainless steel cookware. Any suggestions, preferred brands, etc?

I'm a grad student (hence poor as shit), and don't want to spend more than $100 for a three piece set. I already know I can't afford All-Clad, but I figured there's gotta be another, cheaper choice.

(I know, there's nothing more manly than talking cookware, but bear with me... Just to hold on to our masculinity, we can talk some football too. I pick the Packers.)


We use cast iron. Season it from the beginning and it will not stick. $100 should be able to get you a small pan, large pan and a dutch oven with lid. You'll be set for life. The only time we use the teflon stuff is for scrambled eggs and pancakes with the kids.


Circulon makes some good stainless cookwear too (my stainless is circulon), and is much less expensive weather or not you can find it on sale. You should be able to find a three piece set of circulon for a good price (maybe $125 if you can't find a set on sale). There are some other brands that make stainless too, but most of the other ones I've checked out have been of lighter weight construction (I do not know weather or not this is a concern of yours). A number of the celebrity chefs have their own lines now too, I know Emeril has a line that includes some stainless, but it is a little lightweight for my liking

Hope this helps, good luck and happy cooking.



Shit, I missed the packers comment the first time, my pick as well. All the more respect to you for that in addition to being a man who knows what All-Clad is.

A few cites that might help you out as far as seeing whats out there:





My stainless is circulon, best that I could afford.


I wouldn't rule out All Clad. If you buy one of their pans you are set for life. I had a crazy french au pair couldn't cook for shit. She burned a pot full of popcorn in my 1 quart stainless All Clad pan. The corn kernels were like carbonized BBs that were stuck to the inside of the pan. The outside of the pan was scorched black and blue. I came home and found the pan in the trash. I rescued it, chipped out the BBs and scrubbed the pan inside and out with Bar Keepers Friend and OOO steel wool. That was 10 years ago. The pan is still going strong.

Take your time and look for sales at discount cookware stores. You can also find deals online, like 8 inch saute pans for $40-ish.



Awesome. Thanks for all the advice, I'm sure I'll be looking for deals over the next couple of days.

And I just realized I'm an idiot. I meant to say I pick the Steelers to win, but for some reason I said Packers ...? Oh well