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All right T-guys and gals?I need your help! My girlfriend has been spending a lot of time at my place and has decided to begin cooking dinner for us. Now I certainly appreciate coming home from work to a warm dinner, but her choice of food does not exactly fit the T-Man lifestyle. Its tough coming home after T-Dawg’n it or trying to Fat Fast to see a hot lasagna and cold beer waiting for you. Any idea where I can find a bodybuilding cookbook or any websites that have low-carb recipes? Any help would be appreciated…the 6 pack is starting to become a party ball.

Run a search on T-Mag, the forum, and on a regular net search engine and I’m sure you’ll find something…there are tons of books out there that fit the bill. More importantly though, you need to figure out a way to approach your girl about your goals and why certain foods aren’t the best choice for you (but still get across how appreciative you are). I wish I had some advice on the best way to do this, but it just sort of happened over time with my girlfriend…hanging around with me so much, she realized how often, and what types of foods, I would eat. Maybe someone can give you some better advice in this area.

At risk of being flamed, go to Dr. Atkins website. At least you might get some Ideas. I eat a ridiculous amount of stir frys and warm salads. I also love frittata, a sort of Italian quiche with lots of egg and spinach. You can add other vegies too. Omelettes, roasts, casseroles the list goes on. Buy a grill plate, it will become your best friend. You don’t have to get fancy, just search for recipes using google and try to adapt them cutting carbs. My favourite dessert is baked egg custard, but others simply mix protein powder into their cottage cheese. Hopefully one of the master chefs lurking in the background will chime in with a few new ideas, but otherwise use the search function as suggested by Steve.

There have been two cookbooks with the bodybuilder in mind, both written by Mandy Tanny (if I remember that correctly). One book I have “SLICED” contains recipes.

Have you done a search on the web, using "Low-Carb Recipes" as your search word?

Hey, RavensFan!!! It’s a woman thing, taking care of your man, cooking for him, fussing over him.

I liked the Atkins recommend. The recipes in his book come with a breakdown of the macronutrients and calories per serving. If you have a plan (i.e., food diary and macronutrient breakdown) share it with your girlfriend and plan the meal you share together, asking her if she is going to cook for you to count and measure and break down carb grams, protein grams, fat grams and calories. I know it’s a lot of trouble, but tell her you want to get all studly and handsome for her, yada yada.

I will buy or cook anything my SO desires. I’ll even join him at family gatherings and restaurants. However, he supports me and my efforts at body recomposition by letting me eat differently from him, never tempting me and protecting me from his mother who loves to feed people. He even wakes me up in the middle of the night so I can fit in a protein shake.

Share your goals, your dreams, your struggles. Supporting someone you love is easy if you know how. Sounds like you’ve got a lot going for you.

Good luck!!!