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cooking with wine


after reading udo erasmus' interview i know stir frying with oil is not a good idea. Does anyone know if this applies to wine as well? i find that adding a little white wine to plain chicken breasts makes them taste a little better and doesnt add many calories.


Personally, I've never had a problem staying in shape, lean and mean in the gym while eating a dish where wine was used. My boyfriend's a chef (his name is Ko and he posts in the forum also), and the restaurant he works at is a four star that serves French style w/Northwest influences dishes. And he cooks with wine at home - not often, but certain dishes do get some added flavor with wine. I'll read the article you mentioned in the meantime.


A little wine is fine - it doesn't have the problem of oxidation under heat which oxidizes the oils to transfats etc.


Yes cooking with red or white wine is fine... When I was doing a BB show I use to Drink red wine before the show to get more vascular. Now I am not sure what was the cause of this effect I think is the alchol and sugar when it goes into blood stream more insule is produce therefore you get more vascular I am not sure if this is the right cause and effects. But I do know it works!!!

By the way if any one knows why red or white wine make you more vascular please write...