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Cooking with Tofu?....


So I am trying to get a diet together for my big bro - who wants to lose weight-- the deal is this-- what he likes and doesn't like is mind-boggling...

so for breakfast - i think the only breakfasty thing i can think of is a tofu scramble with veggies...the problem?


but he LOVES it

i was thinking about him having 6oz of protein per meal for 6 six meals - so how would one measure out extra-firm tofu for that? i have tried reading labels and finding articles online, but i don't think im on the right track...

any help boys and girls?!



Does he have an enlarged prostate issue or needs excess estrogen in his system? If not, then he needs to stay clear away from soy products.


[quote]Smallfry69 wrote:
Does he have an enlarged prostate issue or needs excess estrogen in his system? If not, then he needs to stay clear away from soy products.[/quote]

oooh i didn’t even THINK of that! thank you!

hehe - well the issue is - i can’t think of anything else that provides protein that he likes for breakfast- he doesn’t like milk or eggs or any dairy really - and i think its too soon to throw the whey protein at him hehe…


Tofu takes some time to learn to cook… and most people starting out suck at it, so don’t feel bad! Personally I’m a fan of the “extra firm” versions (If you have a trader joe’s it tastes the best and is the cheapest). It basically tastes like whatever you cook it in… I never eat it for breakfast, so I don’t know what would be good, but I like it cooked with different types of curry or saracha-based sauces. I like it cut thin and cooked at a high heat, which gets it crispier, but it all comes down to what you and your brother will eat.

Is he vegetarian/vegan? Or does he just eat tofu for no apparent reason?


Just skip breakfast, lunch and dinner. When he gets hungry enough, he’ll eat whatever you fix for him.


oh wait - let me re-phrase this - i am in NO WAY cooking for my almost 30 year old brother hehe - he basically has about 20 lb to lose and asked me to come up with a diet for him to help him get there - since im a health freak - but ive never had to come up with a diet for someone else before-- let alone someone of the opposite sex-- let alone someone whose food choices are so damn limited hehe…

he actually just really digs tofu - he likes that he can throw in all his curry/Indian spices and stuff - he USED to be a vegetarian - but no more–

so i can pretty much figure out the rest of the day for him - but how to get protein in his breakfast has really been stumping me - which is why i turned to tofu - since i doubt he wants chicken for breakfast hehe


I was in the same boat as i couldnt think of what to have for breakfast as im allergic to eggs and i didnt fancy chicken for breakfast.
its not something i would have everyday but at least 3 times a week i have a tin of tuna with some cottage cheese for breakfast.

Its really fast and simple to put together and doesnt taste bad. now i know you said he isnt keen on dairy but a few times i have been all out of cottage cheese and used some cold baked beans instead and that also seems to hit the spot.

worth a shot i reckon.
Good luck!


oooh beans arent a bad idea…he digs beans…

yeah have i mentioned he doesn’t like any type of fish/seafood either? hehe…grrr…





[quote]ElyssaP wrote:
So I am trying to get a diet together for my big bro - who wants to lose weight-- the deal is this-- what he likes and doesn’t like is mind-boggling[/quote]

You need to ask him if he “not likes” dairy, eggs, or fish as much as he “not likes” being 20 pounds overweight. Seriously.

He has to realize that if he wants to drop this weight, he’s going to have to compromise. You’re not asking him to have brussel sprout enemas, you’re asking him to have two or three freaking eggs for breakfast.

I’ve dealt with his type, and you need to lay it out clearly. If it’s just a matter of preference, rather than actual food allergy (or other legitimate reason), he’s going to have to comply or I’d fire him as a client.

Heaven help you when you finally get around to what he needs to do in the gym. “You want me to get all sweaty and stuff? Shirley, you can’t be serious.” :wink:

Would you recommend someone eat six ounces of steak, six times a day? Or having six egg whites every meal for six meals? I bet not. Six ounces of tofu six times a day is an equally dopey plan.

Why? If he’s being this much of a pain in the ass (yes, that’s a technical term) about his diet, there’s nothing wrong with throwing every possibility at him. Hell, you never know, a modified V-Diet might fit the bill.

Has he started exercising at all yet? I forget if you mentioned that in your previous thread about helping him.

[quote]Smallfry69 wrote:
Does he have an enlarged prostate issue or needs excess estrogen in his system? If not, then he needs to stay clear away from soy products.[/quote]

While 36 ounces of tofu daily is definitely overboard, there’s nothing at all wrong with the occasional whole food, soy-based meal.


thanks chris! god i wish YOU knew my big brother hehe - youd probably be able to get through to him hehe…

he has started exercising - he goes about 3 times a week - but when i asked him what he does, all he told me is “i do the machines and then i go on the treadmill.” i tried to find out what sort of a program, if nay, he is doing and how he came up with what he’s doing-- but he is so hard to get through to!!!

oh yeah - and i didnt mean giving hi tofu for EVERY meal hehe - i was thinking just breakfast - since i cant think of another good source of protein for breakfast that HE will dig ya know? as for the other meals - i’m gonna go with lots of chicken, lean turkey breast, and beans…

its so hard cause he literally wants a specific diet of “eat this at this time, then eat this at this time” - grrr…hehe

thanks!! :slight_smile:


I put friends who are picky eaters on a low-carb diet. For breakfast, I made them shakes with chocolate Metabolic Drive, cocoa powder, and natural peanut butter. They loved it and eventually added berries to it, and had these shakes for breakfast every day for over a year now. They even bring tubs of MD on their vacations. Too bad I can’t get a sales commission from Biotest for referring them as customers.

At the same time, such picky eaters don’t do their physiques or their health any favors, so I also put some pressure on them to eat certain things they dislike – like vegetables. I hammered and hammered on it.

People are already eating the foods they like best or are most convenient for them, or both. If they want to change their body comp or their health, they will have to make changes they don’t like at the outset. If they aren’t willing to make some changes to what they eat, they aren’t going to change their physique or their health, it’s that simple.

One change that’s not worth pushing for IMO is 6 meals a day. Most people find it a hassle to eat 6 meals a day, and I do not think it makes any difference for losing 20 pounds. I tell them they can eat jerky and raw veggies for a snack if they want.


He’s in NYC right? Airfares are pretty cheap right now, I’d be happy to fly out there and kick his ass for being so damn picky. Then he’d be on a liquid diet because his jaw would be wired shut.

I’m here to help.


andersons - thanks for the shake idea! and you are sooo right about the changes he has to make - in his HEAD first - and then his diet— i’m thinking of seeing if i can push the shake on him - we shall see-- i just think its a very “foreign” thing to push on someone who has never even heard of protein before ya know?

easy - dude lets do it :slight_smile:


Just start off with a protein shake, a lot of people need to get past the idea that “meals” need to be solid.

Do some milk/protein/peanut butter.

Bam, filling and good for you.


Turkey bacon?

Also, there’s no reason people have to have “breakfast foods” for breakfast. What about leftover chicken from the night before?

Hell, what did he eat before starting this “diet” - if he’s a picky eater and doesn’t touch eggs or goddammn cereal, I’m having troubling imagining what he would have. Doughnuts?


hehe - he just eats alot of processed crap - and since he’s always on the go and lives in Queens and works in Manhattan, he eats from those carts alot…

and he doesnt like to or “has the time” to cook…

i hate people that want quick fixes…so im just trying to find healthier food options for him that don’t require too much work - but are healthier options than what he is currently doing ya know? baby steps i think…