Cooking with Metabolic Drive

I am SURE that this has been addressed a million times, but I just can’t find the answer with a search!

In a recipe that calls for whey, can you substitute Metabolic Drive

Are there any “adjustments” that you need to make in the recipe?

Thanks, guys!


I remember finding this in a thread before. Metabolic Drive has that thicker consistency (I’m guessing due to the casein). So when you make something with Metabolic Drive, you’ll need more liquid in the recipe.

Thanks, its!

I’m thinking that its more a consistency issue than anything else.

Any links to any threads that discussed the topic?


Sorry, couldn’t come up with the results through the search. I remember somebody cooking bars or pudding, maybe it was one of JB’s recipes. However, the main issue was the consistency of whey being water-like and Metabolic Drive being gel-like.