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Cooking whey protein powder

If I add whey protein to something I want to bake, like muffins, Is there any change in the nutritional value? (to the protein powder) Sometimes heat will effect things, so I wonder about this.

Funny you should post this…but my gym just started offering Protein Cakes at 2.00/slice. A rip off but they taste great. The nutrient profile is as follows: 4 oz., 114 calories, 11.25 fat calories, total fat 3g, sat. fat 3g,
sodium 3.75 mg, total carbs 4.7g, fiber 1g, sugar 2mg, and protein 21g. If anyone has a recipe for this stuff please post it. They are truly great tasting for having no sugar and low carbs.

I thought protein has 6 cal for every 1gram of protein? if so, your gettin ripped off or you read the nutritional info wrong

I read it right. I questioned the gym owner on the nutrient profiles also, and he said they were right. I don’t know??

Protein is 4 cal/gram, carbs are 4 cal/gram and fats are 9 cal/gram.

Yes, heat will damage the protein. You are better off using no-bake recipes.

I usually put a few scoops of protein powder in the pancake batter whenever I make pancakes. I also put in less pancake mix when I do this… and they taste fine. I have also wondered if the heat destroys the protein.

I think you’d have to cook it for a very long time at a very high temp to denature the protein. I wouldn’t worry about it. Designer used to even include a recipe book for stuff like that.

be careful… most low-carb, high protein food-stuffs use soy as a protein. The cakes, breads, pastries, etc. are the biggest offenders.

I recently made a batch of brownies with about 4 table spoons of whey. Added some colostrum and 6 eggs instead of two. Otherwise just normal brownies. Tasted reasonable.