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Cooking Steak - Cheats Guide

Let’s talk about the King of Foods. Everyone has an opinion, usually strong opinions, on how steak must be cooked.

Here’s a clip that does everything wrong IMO but the result is awesome.

Share your HOWTO cook a steak tips and tricks.

I absolutely love rib eye and have a few different methods of cooking it. Lately I’ve been buying Chuck eye because it’s way less expensive and in my opinion still pretty awesome. Although I did just get a 12 lb Angus rib eye roast for $58. Cut it into 1 1/4 steaks and my God it looked beautiful.

For the chuck eyes I slam them with heat on a cast iron pan with a little bit of olive oil. Season with salt and pepper, about 5-6 mins a side. After it’s almost done I’ll lower the heat, put some minced garlic on it and a healthy scoop of butter or ghee. They come out great.

For the rib eyes I cut off the roast, I salt the hell out of them with coarse kosher salt and bag them and put them in the fridge for a day or two. Take them out and let them come up to just about room temp before I cook them. Put them straight on the oven rack on about 185-200 F until they get up to ~115F internal temp. Put them on a smoking hot cast iron pan for like 2-3 mins a side. Perfect midrare/light medium.

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I like steaks and have tried quite a few methods. Only seen sous vide on YouTube haven’t actually got around to trying it myself most because it requires a couple of hundo In equipment.

Choice of technique often comes down to the thickness of steak given that the cut is consistent eg. Ribeye/scotch fillet.

Thicker boiz I like reverse sear to cook more evenly within vs possibly being a bit charred on a pan. Thinner steaks ~2 inches give or take the pan is quick and effective. Poke the steak to see if it’s cooked right.

Recently got a meat thermometer that I can stick in the thick steak but haven’t used yet.

I love a good crust for both flavour and texture. 3-4 minutes on high heat will get you intensified flavours and if you do it right e.g. parting surfaces dry and timing you’ll get a slightly crispy exterior and that texture adds so much to the experience. A lot of steaks I see are browned nicely with a pretty colour and flavour but the texture just isn’t there. Hard to get right but worth it.

Butter is good. I always try to get some butter basting happening the exception being when I’m working with wagyu

I’m a fucking philistine compared to you guys. Rub a little salt, maybe some olive oil, sear each side on a hot AF pan for a minute to three minutes a side depending on thickness. Then I eat it.


I forgot about that part.

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On a grill that’s the only way to do it - but on a pan it’s easy to get too much char and not enough of the meat cooked - and this is from someone who likes his steak rare. However, that being said, people cook their steaks with a pan on high too often. It’s best to cook with a medium high iron skillet. The reason regular thin pans need to be hotter is because even a room temperature steak that’s over an inch thick can cool the pan down as soon as it’s put on and you lose that initial searing effect. With an iron skillet you get constant heat and temperature control. No need for any reverse searing or cooking after the sear if it’s done correctly!

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Salt, pepper, butter. 400+ degree grill. I am eating this right now.


I’m torturing myself by keeping on going back to this thread. As I type this, it’s 3 am where I’m at and I’m craving steak. FML.


I prefer the ribeye. It is important to choose the right and fresh meat. I use pieces of medium thickness. I take it out of the fridge an hour before cooking. I coat the meat with olive oil, pepper. Not salted. Fry on high heat until crisp, salt and bring to readiness. After cooking, give the meat a little rest and then cut it into pieces.

This is my preferred method but I like to cook in butter.

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for people who like a kick, try putting the steak in blackening seasoning, the whole thing. heat up a pan hot in oil, cook both sides for a couple mins, reduce heat to get to temp you want.

did this for some guys that come to eat at my work and they keep coming back ordering them. its amazingly good with a crisp on the outside tender inside. these are NY strips btw.