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Cooking Spinach


How do you cook spinach? In precision nutrition JB's shopping list seems to indicate he eats a bag a day. The health benefits are probably great but I have to supress a gag reflex every time I try to eat it.

My strategy so far has been to eat a lot of other stuff in the same bite. I have no problem eating it raw but a raw serving is huge and cooking is supposed to be more nutricious.

If anyone has some tips I'd appreciate it.


Easy. Skillet, touch of oil or water, throw in spinach, cover, less than a minute done.


I wilt mine in the microwave, then add olive oil an toss in some egg whites (from preboiled eggs) an bacon bits.


Garlic comlimemts it well too.


My favorite way:

a) saute a bunch of garlic
b) add the spinach
c) continue to saute for about another minute.
d) add some lemon juice, sea salt, pepper and some more raw garlic

Spinach cooks very quickly, so becareful not to overcook. Enjoy!


I'll have to add garlic, I tried the oil and lemon juice and it was a pretty big improvement. Thanks


Microwave frozen spinach plain (nothing mixed in yet) until it is hot, or warmed up enough to suit you. Then mix in generous amounts of garlic, red wine vinegar, and extra-virgin olive oil.

I fix up broccoli the same way. Also brussels sprouts. It is easy and delicious.


In a large skillet with a lid, saute some(to your taste)red onion and garlic with a couple tablespoons of water vice oil until opaque. Add a bag of pre-washed spinach and a splash of water. Cover to allow steam to wilt greens. When the greens begin to wilt add some raw garlic(again to your taste) a couple tablespoons of lemon juice and a like amount of feta cheese. Continue to steam for another minute or two. Just prior to serving add a tablespoon of Olive oil, toss and serve. Takes 5-6 minutes tops. You can also add diced tomatoes to enhance the uptake of iron from the greens.
If you add eggs to this, it makes a great fritatta. I usually make a huge batch and eat one serving with my evening meal and the remainder for breakfast a day or so later.


I still can't eat plain cooked spinach (even with garlic or onions)...so I just find a lot of ways to incorporate it into other things. I find that chopping it up really small before you cook it helps as well...I hate the slimy texture of spinach, so if its small I don't seem to mind it as much.

Anyway, like someone already mentioned, you can put it in with you eggs. You can chop it up and make a meatloaf with extra lean ground, onions, spinach and whatever else you might want to add. you can cook it up and stir it into a batch of quinoa. Add it to other mixed veggies. Make JB's tuna burgers and mix in some spinach before cooking. Make like a spaghetti sauce and stir in a bunch of chopped up sauted veggies. (The tomato sauce helps distract from the spinach taste, and the other veggies...such as peppers, shredded carrots, onions, celery, etc....take away from the bad texture).

Anyway...there are a million in one ways to eat it without just eating slimy, gross, sea-weed looking cooked spinach. You just have to get creative!