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Cooking Protein?

I’ve heard protein becoming denatured only breaks it down into what the stomach would do anyway so it’s not a big deal but…

Recently I read:
“Most biological proteins lose their biological function when denatured. For example, enzymes lose their catalytic activity, because the substrates can no longer bind to the active site, and because amino acid residues involved in stabilizing substrates’ transition states are no longer positioned to be able to do so.” (from wikipedia)

Also Optimum Nutrition states:
“When adding to heated items it is generally better to stir this product in at the end of the cooking cycle. Doing so will minimize denaturing of the protein and improve the consistency of the end result.”

Does anyone have any answers to how much of its original value a protein loses with cooking?

Heres one more quote I found:
“When a protein is denatured, the secondary and tertiary structures are altered but the peptide bonds between the amino acids are left intact. Since the structure of the protein determines its function, the protein can no longer perform its function once it has been denatured.” (wikipedia)

Does denaturing reduce the thermic value of protein?


Ill just say we cook chicken, beef, fish etc etc you cook with Milk thats essentially whey and casien.

This topic has been hit a lot and general consensus the aminos may denatured some but are still there. Now if they greatly effect TEF Im not sure


isn’t that what supposedly makes Metabolic Drive so great - the micellar casein which is otherwise destroyed(denatured) by modern milk processing(heating) ?