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Cooking Protein Powder

In last month's oxygen mag there was this really yummy looking recipe for protein pancakes.  I thought I read somewhere recently that cooking whey protein powder denatures the protein thus making it useless.  Is this true?  Should I not cook with protein powder?


denaturing it wouldn't be that bad... (further breaking down protien could be a positive as you'd be getting a faster digesting protien, which is a good thing in the morning or post workout) Pancakes are usually first thing in the morning where a fast digesting protien can be helpful so just don't sweat it.

All that said I don't know how much of a real effect cooking would really have on the protien (you cook most protiens after all).

Also, Oxygen... WTF


If what you say is true please tell me why Biotest describes their micellar protein in the following way:

"In the simplest words possible, micellar casein is the undenatured form of casein found in raw milk. All of the amino acids are intact, unprocessed and unaltered. They are possibly the most exotic proteins in existence but ironically, they're destroyed when the milk is processed in any conventional way.

If, however, the milk proteins are "handled" in the most careful way possible, shielded from light and heat and mechanical insult, we can preserve the micellar casein. That means that the good properties of casein are magnified, increased exponentially. Micellar casein has antibacterial action; leads to increased nutrient absorption and even increased HDL levels; and it even has immuno-modulatory effects and opioid-like peptides that might ease achy joints and muscles."