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Cooking in Flax

Hey All, I have recently started cooking w/ flax oil. A little olive oil and some flax in the pan to get some more of the dietary oils, and there is no taste difference. I don’t know if anyone tries it, but it makes it easier than ingesting that stuff raw. Just a thought…

Oh ye poor, misguided soul…

You may want to read the “Man on a Mission” article at T-mag, which is an interview with Udo.

You might want to cook with olive oil and add the flax oil fresh. As far as I know olive oil is one of the few oils that does not de-nature with cooking.

Very misguided… flaxseed goes rancid when heated (you’ll end up with lipid peroxides - then you may as well use the oil on wood furniture), why do you think they tell you to store it away from heat and light?

Chaos, flaxseed oil is a very “delicate” oil. Properly done, it’s cold pressed and put into a container outside of the presence of oxygen. From there’s it’s refrigerated. Even at that, it’s got a short shelf life, and the good stuff has a product expiration date.

Flaxseed oil breaks down and becomes a health negative when exposed to sunlight, oxygen and ESPECIALLY heat. As one of the other posters suggested, add it to your food after it’s cooked (and cooled a bit). Puh-leeze!

Thanks a lot for the info, you guys saved me a lot of trouble (when diet sucks, workouts suck, then sex sucks, then the gf leaves you because you have bigger breasts than her from all the stored fat, and your IQ drops 40-50 points)…See, cooking that flax caused me to write that, proving the IQ theory…