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Cooking, Freezing, and Storing

I have been reading alot about nutrition recently I also got Berardi’s new book Gourmet Nutrition, but what I still don’t understand how it works to just cook once a week and then deep freeze and store everything.

Is it possible to just deepfreeze already cooked meat with sauce and vegetables and then warm it up on a given day?

If anybody can give me some help I would appreciate it.

yes do it in that order. cook it, portion it, freeze and store it. then Thaw heat and eat.

I am not sure what else you need to know?

If you have a more focused prioblem or question fire away.

Yes it is possible and very convienent. This past weekend I made 2 batches of stew and 1 batch of chilli, divided it up into good portions and then froze them. It is great for my husband b/c he is doing the Warrior Diet and all he has to take one out.

possible? swanson and lean cuisine have made a fortune doin’ it.

get a cryovac machine and seal your stuff up w/out air. then there’s no oxidation or freezer burn. very handy if you make chicken or veal stock. you can do it once every six months freeze it in ice cube tray then cryo-vac the portions. anytime you need stock you grab a couple cubes…that’s long term of course. short term anything you’ve cooked will last covered for a week anyway in the fridge. if it’s got lots of acidity prolly longer. just be wary of cross-contamination -meaning don’t marry stuff that’s been cooked or stored seperately and always use a clean utensil to remove portions , like don’t take a spoon of pulled pork and then dunk the same spoon into your salsa.
also if you’re gonna be storing food this way you should get good thermometer for the fridge just to know where you’re at.

i usually cook off all my meat for the week on sundays. and make at least one dish that lasts me a week on that day too. kuz’s mom’s chili anyone ?

[quote]swivel wrote:
i usually cook off all my meat for the week on sundays. and make at least one dish that lasts me a week on that day too. kuz’s mom’s chili anyone ?[/quote]

Word to my Moms… she came to drop bombs.

[quote]swivel wrote:
kuz’s mom’s chili anyone ?[/quote]

Everyone’s talking about Kuz’s mum’s chili! I’m going to have to check it out.

I make my own chili, and I must find it delicious because I’ve been eating it once a day for well over a month now. In fact, I just cooked a batch this afternoon, and it’s now divided up in tupperware containers, together with rice. Every morning I take a tupperware out, add some frozen veggies to it, and take it to work (I have a fridge in my office). I also prepare 1-1.5 kilos of chicken breasts, that also get divided into tupperwares for other meals. It saves me cooking time during the week, and gets me some extra sleep too.

If I lived in a proper house (I’m still a student) I would prepare ALL my meals for the week and freeze them. As it stands now, my freezer is too small.

Hmmm… I think the answer to the original question was simply “yes.” (Why do I always end up writing so much…?)