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Cooking For the Week

I’m a full time University student and have recently found it very hard to have enough time to cook and eat enough calories to grow. I was wondering how do you guys cook meals for the following few days, and what do you eat? Also any cheap sources of food for bulking.

I’ve just bought a few chickens and I got around 700 grams of meat out of a 1.6kg chicken. I stored the chicken in the fridge. Should I stored it in a source to keep it preserved, i’ve also got a rice cooker and steamer. So any advice would be appreciated.

You cook them just like you would normally, put them in some tupaware, and pop it in the fridge.

1andonly: you cooked 1.6kg and 700kg meat 900kg liquids, etc? wow!

waylander is that you in your pic???

I like to cook things in advance, but if I eat the same thing for more than 3 days in a row I start getting sick of it. Some things like chili, stews and so on, can be frozen and thawed as needed. I usually cook a bunch of food 2 or 3 times a week, which I reheat the next day(s) as leftovers. Besides that, my other meals are quick-cooking (broiled meat and frozen vegetables or salad, an omelette etc) and protein drinks.

Since I eat at home (and often) I try to keep preparation and cleanup to a minimum. If a recipe is complicated or means a long preparation or cleanup, either I don’t eat it, or I save that for the occasional restaurant meal.

Let’s see, today I cooked up a kilo of ground beef, a kilo of ground chicken, a kilo of chicken sausage, and four 150gr beef burgers, all split equally over a few tupperware boxes - one in the fridge and one in the freezer, so that’s most of my protein for the week. And a kilo of brussels sprouts for the first couple of days (for further vegetable needs I got some steam-veggie-packets…).
Took me two to three hours or so to cook it all up steadily? Did some laundry and vacuum cleaning meanwhile…so it’s not like your wasting time.
I also have some salmon and cottage cheese in the fridge…convenient. (as well as eggs/ham/bacon and the likes)

Just choose a certain day where you take some hours to do the cooking and keep at it.

I wake up early on sunday and cook well into the evening…my brother is bulking and can’t cook to save his life so I do it for him…just get tupperware and make sure you switch your meals up or else you’ll get sick of them and they’ll spoil cuz u wont want them lol

i cook my own meals the day of in the morning because my cutting diet is simple lol

I often cut up a family pack of chicken breasts or thighs (2-3 lbs), cook it in a large pan with olive or coconut oil until tender. Then I remove the chicken and cook about 2 lbs of mixed veggies in the same pan. This all goes in a large container and is used for most of my meals for about 2 days, with other meals being really simple stuff (like cottage cheese, fruit, a salad, eggs). Once the meat is cooked, it can also be used for salads or whatever.

Here is a nice interview with Matt Kroczaleski in which he says some stuff about preparing his food and what he eats: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGfrxFVHHzs&feature=related and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc06N-Y2750

[quote]The1andOnly wrote:
I’m a full time University student and have recently found it very hard to have enough time to cook and eat enough calories to grow.[/quote] I highly doubt that you are so busy, you can’t spend 20mins prepping some food. Invest in a Crockpot or slow cooker. Chop up some meat & veggies Cook over night. Thank me later.

george forman grill. duh.

shitload of eggs.

chicken breasts. frozen.

always look for deals at the end of the week on meats.

little cesears does a large pepperoni for 5 bucks.

subway footlong is 5 bucks

arby brought back the 5 roast beef for 5.

Full time + overtime job, part time school, shitload of other commitments I don’t have much time so for dinners I like to make a lot of one pot meals, stews. Saute a bunch of veggies with some kind of meat, then throw in some broth or sauce, let it simmer and that’s it. Pack it away when it’s cool. I just change the meat & veggies around and the spices I use. Easy & quick. Add some beans or whole grains if I need more calories.

Sometimes I use a crock pot (slow cooker) to cook a huge roast then just divide it up and pack it away in tupperware. I usually divide up my meat and veggies when I buy them and pack them up in zip lock baggies per whatever serving I’ll use. Freeze the meat, keep the veggies in the fridge, and just pull whatever out as needed.

I usually grab a couple of the 10 lb bags of chicken breasts at BJs for about $24. Then, while I’m actually cooking my dinner for the evening (usually on the stove top), I’ll put a baking sheet filled the chicken breasts in the oven for about 45 mins (done when I’m done eating my dinner), and that usually lasts me a few days.

Once you’ve got a huge tupperware filled with cooked chicken, and a few bags of raw veggies in your fridge, you’ve got no excuse not to have some easy to carry food on you at all times.


These might help.

[quote]kickureface wrote:
1andonly: you cooked 1.6kg and 700kg meat 900kg liquids, etc? wow!

waylander is that you in your pic???[/quote]

Yah, I’m IFBB pro Evan Centopani. Trying to keep it on the DL though so don’t tell.