cooking eggs

I was too lazy this morning to pull out a pan to cook my eggs. So I took the mixing bowl and put it in the microwave. I did notice they tasted a little different and the texture was too. Now does the microwave change the structure of the egg(like the aminos) or is the microwave ok?

Microwaves (the machine) don’t chemically change food in any way different from any other method of heating/cooking food.

Microwaves (the electromagnetic waves) with a specific wavelength are able to boil water vapour. The result is that water vapour within the food starts to boil and the heat given off cooks your food (That’s where the old saying “microwaves cook food inside out comes from”…it’s a misconception that the center of the large bowl is hotter than the outter edges…instead it’s that the water vapour within the food cooks it rather than an oven which heats the air around your food, and that hot air cooks the food from the outside layers into the center.)

Taste will change because your not gonna have the same water content in the egg, as well as trace flavours from the pan, butter, etc.

microwave eggs taste like ass.

Yes they do taste like ass taht is for sure.
Thanx ND

And, oddly enough, microwaved ass tastes like squid.

and squid tastes like poop, but perhaps I’ve said too much.