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Cooking Books?


Anyone who knows some great cooking books for a bodybuilder? :slight_smile:

Well of course there is Precision Nutrition, there are also recipes in the Anabolic Diet.

There are threads here of just recipes. I think they moved it to the MWA site but that site has a thread dedicated just to recipes.

check out this link, La Cucina Anabolica Italiana
awesome recipes and pics

if you want to learn how to cook something particular, Alten Brown from good eats = explains how to cook damn near anything. and how / why it works. and its free online at foodnetwork.com

for body building specifics, cant help you there.

Fast Food by Gordon Ramsey is nice

Gourmet Nutrition, hands down

I think this is the MWA thread OG was talking about. Enjoy

[quote]NeelyDan wrote:
Fast Food by Gordon Ramsey is nice[/quote]

is that very muscle oriented?

[quote]warsoe wrote:
NeelyDan wrote:
Fast Food by Gordon Ramsey is nice

is that very muscle oriented?

just look at whats in the recipe and use your common sense:

lean meat… check.
complex carbs… check.
good oils… check.
fresh veggies… check.

Guaranteed to have lots of protein, nutrients, healthy fats, and carbs for energy. Sounds fairly muscle oriented.