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Cooking Basics Thread


I figured I would make a thread that we all could contribute to, whether it simple recipes or techniques to make taking in our macros more enjoyable and easier.


Simple pre-workout meal that I really enjoy:

bowl of sweet peas
can of tuna
1.5 cups of cottage cheese
your choice of whey--1 scoop.

Mixed all together. Delicious, good protein profile, and about 30 grams of complex carbs.


The best thing I can recommend is a bbq. I used a Geroge Forman type grill for some time but nothing beats the taste of bbq.


Yeah I am seriously in need of a grill as I eat more than enough steak to warrant one. Anyways I think we all need to know how to roast a chicken since its a delicious and easy way of getting in protein and calories.

Roast Chicken


Stir-fry makes anything taste good.

Simply buy any of the teriyaki sauces at the grocery store, dump half a cup or so in the frying pan, throw the meat or sea food into it with some diced garlic and add veggies once the outside of the meat is no longer pink.

You can do this with any meat or veggie and it still tastes amazing.