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Cooking and Recipes - Resources


I recently moved out of my parents' house, and I haven't cooked anything in my life. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to read about basic cooking and recipes that are healthy / bodybuilder friendly.

Many thanks.



Eggs- scramble, boil or poach them(use a omlette machine to poach them)
Meat- put them on the pan/barbeque and cook
Vegetables- eat them raw, cooking them can be a pain(you might have to boil the broccoli). Buy a fresh bag of spinach every 2 days and eat a handful with most meals.
Tuna- just open the can and eat
Oats- just add water/milk

Eat out once a week, make your girlfriend cook, visit your parents house.

Now your set. Good luck kid.

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Buy a crock pot, I don't think there is anything that can make cooking better for the beginner cook. I don't think there are good resources for bbing style cooking, at least those that are easy.

No offense to anyone, but when I think bbing cooking I think pretty boring food. I do think that there are some good resources for healthy cooking though. Check out barnes and noble. I saw John Berardi's book in there and it was simple/easy and looked good. Another one that stands out is the blog "stuff i make my husband", just google it. it's all Chris. Shugart style foods (he's got some good, but kinda complex foods).

Until you master your kitchen skills find some things that really work for you. For people on a bulk I usually recommend having some kind of dairy in the fridge. It can help a bad meal, You can add cream cheese to anything, little tips like that.

If you're the kind of person that can eat anything or if you usually eat certain things let us know that. If you have preferences then we can help with ideas on how to cook them.