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Cooking All Meats in the Microwave?

I pretty much cook all my raw meat and fish in the microwave. I’ve never been sick or anything. Is there any side effects from doing this extremely often?

The only side effect I could possibly think of is vomiting. WTF? How can you eat meat cooked in a microwave?

Yeah, that’s nasty. Learn to use a frying pan or oven man. Its easy.

i reluctantly use my microwave and only ever use it to re-heat food, NEVER to cook.

As long as you are getting up to temp, I couldn’t imagine a health problems. However, that is one of the nastiest things I’ve heard.

I don’t trust the microwave. Never have. Something is up with it, we just haven’t figured it out yet.

Mother Nature > Scientists

The Microwave is intended for the lazy masses. It’s a fat slob’s dream.

Learn to use an oven, or at the very least, invest $25.00 in a George Foreman grill.

Microwaves occur naturally. All they are is low energy photons (light) outside of the visible spectrum.

It’s not like it’s nuclear or something. A lot of high end ovens and grilles even have infrared burners (slightly higher energy photons).

Heck, microwaves are barely above radio waves in terms of energy. They still get used for communication I think.

It’s the ones on the other side of the spectrum (high energy) that have propensity to do harm (UV, xrays, gamma, est.). Microwaves really should be safer than visible photons.

I think people worry about what it does to the food because it tastes wrong. We’ve evolved to be suspicious of food that tastes wrong (not that it necessarily stops us from eating it or even enjoying it).

I don’t doubt that cooking in a microwave changes the food slightly, but whether you would fail to get the benefit of the food or not I don’t know. I doubt that it makes the food somehow harmful, though.

There are better ways (and by that I mean ways that taste better and are less likely to results in food posioning).

If I’m lazy I get out my rice cooker (cheap!) which has a steamer insert.

Fill cooker with some water.
Place chunk of dead animal and veges in steamer pan and place on top of water.
Cover and walk away.
Come back after your shower after your workout and eat.

You might be able to steam things in a microwave as well.

I would definately steam shit in a microwave rather than just cook it. It won’t cook all the way through without being burnt on the outside and tastying like arse.

I’m a college student living in a dorm and the george foreman grill is saving my life. Its definitly a worthwhile investment.

Like other said get a foreman grill. I couldn’t imagine eating a steak that was cooked in the microwave, it would be like chewing rubber.

Get a bbq. All you have to do is light a fire, put the meat on the grill, flip, and then you are done.

i use my microwave all the time. it is a top of the line panasonic that has many sensor features that work very well.

it cooks raw and frozen vegetables very nicely. i also frequently cook turkey bacon, eggs, rice, oatmeal and reheat refrigerated meals. i don’t do any defrosting in the microwave… i take what meat i’m going to cook out the day before and stick it in the fridge.

one thing about the microwave is that you should try to avoid cooking in or on plastic. even “microwave safe” bowls and plates, even saran wrap.

i like to cook on strong paper plates, paper towels and covered glassware or ceramic. call me paranoid, but i believe this is the safest way for me to cook my food in the microwave.

  • i just realized i didn’t contribute an answer to the OP’s question… Really as long as the meat is cooked thoroughly, I don’t see a problem with cooking it in the microwave. It would definitely taste like ass and the texture would be off. Unless you’re in a situation where microwaving is your only method of cooking, learn how to bake.

Another vote for the George Foreman.

[quote]IronAbrams wrote:
Another vote for the George Foreman.[/quote]


[quote]blue_star_cadet wrote:
IronAbrams wrote:
Another vote for the George Foreman.



Rice cooker for the win.

Yeehaw! Them’s fighting words!

I think the food tastes pretty good in the microwave. I honestly have trouble telling the difference between if food is cooked in the microwave or some other method. I cook all my frozen vegetables in there too. I don’t know why you guys think it tastes so poorly. The difference is pretty slight, and it is a lot easier.

You can get the Ziplock steam bags.Cuts down on how long you have to cook your meats and vegis in the microwave and you can toss all kinds of spices and crap. It def is a big help when your running short on time and need a quick meal.

Is cooking in a microwave bad, short answer yes.

  1. It decreases nutritional value of fruits or vegetables that are cooked or even reheated within the microwave.

  2. Do not operate a microwave with nothing in it, with the door mechanism open, do not look directly into the microwave when being operated, stand at least an arms length away when in operation, and you think the meat inside of it is safe!!

  3. After extensive research on their own people who were exposed to microwaves Russia banned microwave ovens in 1976.

  4. Not only are nutritional values severely reduced but the nutrients within the foods are changed into potential carcinogens and new chemical compounds are formed in the food that are foreign to the body and cannot be reduced.

  5. A blood pack was thawed in a microwave, not cooked just thawed, that blood was given as a transfusion and killed a person, this is a little iffy but either way we are putting things from a microwave into our bodies, kill you slowly or kill you quickly.

  6. Microwavable plastic containers and saran wrap products alter their chemical compositions when in a microwave and release carcinogens into the microwave and food.

Go with the George Foreman for now, learn to cook or find the time, and use stainless steel when you have the money.