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cooking ahead of time

does anybody have any ideas on how I can prepare meals ahead of time? I would like to cut my food preperation down to two days a week, maybe sunday night and wednsday night. I have heard people talk about this technique of food preperation, cooking on one or two nights a week and storing the food in tuperware in the fridge. It seems like this would really work for me, anybody got any ideas on how to make this work?

I’m not sure what you mean by how this works.

You figure out what you’re going to eat for the next 3-4 days, and then you cook the food you’re going to eat and store it in the fridge. And when you’re hungry and need to eat, you eat the food you pre-cooked.

shank: Cooking ahead of time is very easy. I’ve been doing it for years. I do my cooking on Sunday. I hard boil four or five eggs, cook three or four chicken breasts and some beef and salmon.

I marinate the chicken and salmon in lemon juice, fresh garlic, salt, pepper and whatever other spices and seasonings happen to strike my fancy. Sometimes I’ll add balsamic vinegar too.

I don’t use oil in the chicken marinade so I can eat it with either P+C or P+F meals.

I also cook my veggies at the same time. I don’t eat rice, potatoes or pasta anymore, but these can be prepared ahead of time as well.

For storage, you can keep each individual food in its own container. Or, if you’re really organized, prepare your individual meals right away, then grab and go.

All in all, if I didn’t do my cooking ahead of time, it would be imposssible for me to eat properly. It saves a hell of a lot of time too. Now, get cooking.

I’ll try and help a little.

I cook all kins of stuff ahead of time and store it in the freezer as well as fridge.

Things I precook. Such as a big batch of beans. I will make them and mash up and make refried beans. When I do this I make enough to last a few weeks and put in small containers and keep one in fridge rest in freezer. I measure and weigh them so I know what exactly a serving contains, Makes it quick and easy.

I also do this with chiken breasts. I buy them when they are on sale and cook one of those family packs (10-12) breasts at a time.

Precook my lean ground beef and roast.

I had boil several dozen eggs and pickle them.

Sometimes cook other meats ahead.

I cant think of everything off the top of my head but I do quite a bit of this.

Hope I helped.

Oh I also make large loafs of breads ahead of time. Like pumpkin breads and such using Gluten flour. Lower in carbs and high in protein.


phil and md, that is exactly what I need to know, thanks alot

Try searching on the web for OAMC. You will find LOTS of info on precooking meals.

sometimes i do a large crock pot meal, i can only eat a small amount and the rest goes into the fridge. plus, you don’t have to take care of it, you just throw everything in there and take it out when it’s done. chili is a good one, or beef stew. makes the beef super tender. you can fill the crock pot up and make a lot. just don’t use anything frozen if you do a large batch, it might not cook right.
you can do whole chickens in the crock pot, mine will almost hold two of them if they’re small enough. or you can fill it with parts.
you can do any recipe search and change the amounts to double or triple and then store it. an amazing web site that might help you is www.allrecipes.com
they have so many recipes and you can tell it how many servings you want to make, and it automatically adjusts the amounts for you, the you can print out the recipe.