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cookin with olive oil...

I have been mixing olive oil into my eggs before I scramble them and using it to broil chicken in but I have also heard that it is bad to heat it…should I stop doing this?

Not a great idea, you would be better off with an oil with a high smoking temp. if you must fry things. I would suggest not frying but if you must coconut oil has a very high smoke temp.

Olive oil is a flavored oil, so it will influence the flavor of your food. Only cook with regular olive oil - use extra virgin for dressings and things that aren’t cooked. If you don’t want to change the flavor of your food use a tasteless oil like canola.

I like a little cream (not half & half) in my scrambled eggs or omlett - it adds a great fluffiness.

Thanks for the comments!

Does heating olive oil destroy its health benefits?

Okay I just read JB’s comments in iss 202 so I am guessing based on that that putting olive oil in my eggs and then scrambling them has been doing me no good?

Only if you cook them at very high heat. If the oil starts to burn then say hello to Mr. Trans Fats!

I wouldn’t worry about it if you cook them fairly slowly.

Remmber that olive oil is mainly mono unsaturates, and they are more stable than polys… So olive oil in cooking is not bad, but flax oil is a very bad idea to cook with.