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I think they will be actually. I just posted a render. We’ll see on Monday or Tuesday of next week!

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You’re amazing! We’ll have to try your recipe this weekend. Thanks so much for posting it!

I took the recipe HERE and made an adjustment: removed the nut butter and replaced it with all PB2. This also allowed me to add a bit more Metabolic Drive. So, knocked some calories off of it and bumped the protein a bit.

I didn’t measure anything, so they were a bit soft. You need to make the PB2/MD/milk filling thick – so thick you can barely stir it. Still delicious though.

This protein/fat snack sticks with you for a long time, even if you eat just one. (Even though I reduced the fat, you’re still getting the MCT/coconut oil and the natural fats in the dark chocolate.)


We need to clean that pepper shaker.

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These look amazing. I definitely need to try them. Chris, your creativity on these recipes and approach to integrating a healthy lifestyle is real and approachable. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks so much! If you try the recipe, post a pic!

This is Dani’s legendary apple-jacked muffins recipe but she swapped out…

• The muffin tin for a pan.

• A couple of the apples for peaches.

And who doesn’t like to bite into a juicy :peach:?



So I had this crazy idea: what if the trapped moisture in the endosperm of a corn kernel could be heated? Would it turn to steam and explode the shell? Turns out… it does! And you can eat it!

Thinking of calling this “explosive mouth sperm.” Or maybe just “popped corn.” It might catch on.

To make a healthy version without nasty oils and chemical-laced bags, make it like this:

  1. Add about 4 tablespoons of kernels to a plain brown paper lunch sack. Folder it over a few times.

  2. Microwave between 2 and 3 minutes. Mine was perfect at 2:40.

  3. Add salt or seasonings.

  4. Cut the top off the bag and enjoy.

Ok, turns out that great minds think alike and TC Luoma already invented “popcorn.” This article gets into all the surprising health benefits:

Metabolic PB Brownies

Took Dani’s amazing recipe for Metabolic Brownies and added a second layer of flavor.

I just follow the original recipe but add a mixture of PB2 on top. Used a little almond milk, salt, and a bit of Splenda.

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Made a couple of variations of our staple weekend grab-and-go snacks and breakfasts:

This one is apple-jacked muffins but I used peaches instead of apples.

An interesting thing happened: I think the sweeter frozen peaches leached out some natural sugars. The muffins were a little wet on top after cooking, so I upped the temp to 400 and moved them to the top rack for an extra few minutes. The result? The peach sugar caramelized. Dani said it tasted like toasted brown sugar and made her feel guilty. I’ll call that a win.

And this one is dark chocolate oatmeal cookies:

I used chocolate Metabolic Drive instead of vanilla and tossed in a bunch of 100% pure cocoa bits. Goo is good.

Here’s the original recipe:


Do you store the cookies in fridge?

You don’t have to (for a few days at least), but we usually do store them in the fridge. You kinda get two variations by doing that: fresh out of the oven, hot, and gooey… and then more of a crunchy cookie when the chocolate sets in the fridge.

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Thanks! I’m going to try these without the chocolate chunks to throw in my big lunchbox.

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Delicious! Just used regular applesauce (Couldn’t find unsweetened) and omitted the sweetner. These will be great for a snack later! Thanks for the recipe.


Awesome! Looks great!

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I am not Biotest customer service.

I know. I was just ranting that I need to make some of these recipes again.

My apologies that my sarcasm was not well displayed.

No worries. Not sure what the delay is, but believe me, everyone here is an anxious as you to get it back in stock.

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Overnight Oats Pumpkin Pie

I saw a leaf turn from green to yellow so it’s fall now and I’m required by law to eat pumpkin spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. These are the rules.

This is my no-bake chocolate oat pie recipe using vanilla Metabolic Drive instead of chocolate. Just take out the cocoa and throw in some basic-bitch pumpkin pie spice blend.

Original recipe:

And it’s finally back in stock! :point_down: