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Superfood Overnight Oats

Based on the chats above with @burt128 and @cyclonengineer, I gave this a go. Same idea as the protein parfait with a few mods:

  1. Used all wild blueberries as the bottom layer (frozen).

  2. Mixed Superfood into the oats and Metabolic Drive layer. Made a big batch with two servings of Superfood, divided into two servings.

  3. Use walnuts instead of almonds.

Did this in part to test to see if Superfood changed the flavor. Superfood was improved recently and the new ratio and 3 new ingredients changed the flavor up a bit. Some say it’s better, some say it’s a little bitter or spicy, some don’t notice a change.

For me, I can taste the Superfood in the recipe, but it’s good. Different than the original, but fine.

Now, for the fun part: I made Dani a serving and didn’t tell her about the Superfood addition. She said it was great and didn’t guess Superfood had been added. (I had to tell her.) So I’d say the MD mostly covers the taste of Superfood in recipes.

Oh, and Dani made these with Metabolic Drive and fairy magic: