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Cookin Chicken!

Alright does anyone out there have a really good marinade recipe thats low or no calorie for chicken?

And maybe I am a culinary idiot but any advice on how to bake/grill chicken without drying the hell out of it?

You can make chicken papaya or adobo. Both ways make a good P+F meal. Then you could add some pancit to get a good P+C meal.

I steam chicken breasts in one of those stackable electric steamers.

I’s brilliant - you can slap them, frozen, into the steamer and 20 mins later they’re cooked perfectly.

you get the texture of having boiled them, but without the loss of flavour from boiling them…

further more you can stick some veggies in the top 'stack with ten minutes to go and they’re done perfectly too, with [I believe] less loss of vitamins etc than by boiling.


Look for the thread “Alright Chefs/Cooks - Let’s Step Up.” Lot’s of good recipes in there!

I spray chicken breasts with Lemon Pam, sprinkle with Lowrey’s seasoned salt, and grill 5-6 min per side. They come out nice and juicy, and my kids can’t get enough of them.

Oven Pan:
SLiced red onions
olive oil
squeezed lemon
I usually use this with Salmon, one of two get pussy recipes, but I think it’d be bomb-style for chicken.

Depending on where you are in Texas, H.E.B. has great pre-marinated chicken breasts. Lemon pepper, Italian, Southwest, and fajita. They are all delicious, cheap, and easy to cook. They also have many flavors of pre-cooked chicken that you can just pop in the microwave with a little water. Delicious and easy.

Marinate in lemon juice and garlic. Top with salt, pepper and whatever herbs strike your fancy. I usually use rosemary.
Wrap your chicken in parchment paper and bake in the oven. The parchment paper keeps the juices in the chicken and makes it moist and oh-so-yummy!
Also…you can add your veggies in that package and you have a meal!

Give Saltgrass’s “7-Spice” seasoning a shot. They sell it for about $3.50.

Sprinkle a bit on the breast. Stuff it in a foil pocket and throw it on the Foreman. Excellent.

Thanks everyone for the great ideas I will give’m a shot…about that electric steamer StronglikeBull mentioned, I’ve never seen one, are they available in the U.S.?

Hey. The model I use is by ‘tefal’ and the link to the us website is long and too horrible to post…

so, go to www.t-falusa.com and look in ‘all products’ -> ‘cooking appliances’ -> ‘steamers and rice cookers’

that’s the model that I use anyway…

having a steamer has made the arduous task of cooking a lot less hassle for me!


Chicken gets dry when its overcooked.

If you’re cooking chicken based on time or color and it’s dry, then you’re overcooking it.

Get an instant read thermometer and chicken is done at 170 degrees.

Make sure to shove the instant read thermometer all the way into the thickest part of the breast. Do not leave it in while you cook. Just a few minutes before when you think it ought to be done, stick the thermometer in. Adjust from there.

Hope that helps.