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Cookie Monster is My Trainer


I don't know why I find this so funny but I do. Hope this isn't anyone here and no disrespect to the guy doing the work but I'm certain that's cookie monster encouraging him.


Nice one!!



C is for ughghghghghg COME ON


That's exactly what I thought of when I watched the video!! HA!


LOL. That's great. I wonder if that guy talks like that all the time.


without even clicking i can tell that link is to that weird fat guy like grumble grumble oh yeah look at the pecs...uhhhh so massive uhhh im so hard grumble grumble


Actually it's cookie monster on the family guy but that weird pec dude might be the guy running the camera.....creepy.


Yeah... that part of the video was always kind of annoying.

It's one thing to be all, alpha male n shit, but c'mon now. He sounds like he should be backing vocals for Inherit Disease...