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Cooked Egg Smoothie?


hey all,
im (edit>18 years old, im not a body builder per se, so im not looking to get huge, just lean and ripped. so keep that in mind when you read my morning diet. haha :wink:

ok. before you call me stupid. let me say that i do not think that there is anyway to do this. i just want to know if there actually is a way.

ive decided that i am not going to put raw eggs into my protein shakes/smoothie/whatever due to my own personal research into raw vs. cooked eggs.
so. what i wanted to ask should be obvious...

is there ANY way to get cooked eggs into a shake without it being completely disgusting and lumpy?

i dont eat eggs in the morning anymore because i just eat fruits, a bagel, and real peanut butter as a source of protein in the mornings. thats just what i do. its easy and quick.
but anyway, the only eggs that i can get into my diet would be raw in a shake. and i decided that i'd rather gain the benefits of cooked eggs over raw.

so. if there are any suggestions, i would greatly appreciate them.


Whoa. Right here. Its "just what you do?" ITS JUST WHAT YOU DO? You know who else says things like that? People who never get results. This threw me off. You act as if its impossible for you to eat any other source of protein in the morning, because "its just what you do." Newsflash : peanut butter is not high in protein. Its high in fat. I don't know how much peanut butter you're eating, but it should be included as a fat source that has some protein in it.

What is so great about eggs? Yes, they have protein. So does every other meat under the sun, so does milk, so does protein powder. Saying that the only way you can get eggs would be so put them in a shake...is ridiculous. Here is another newsflash: you don't have to have eggs in the morning only. God forbid you scramble eggs and eat them in the afternoon, or at night. Hell, read Dr. Seuss, you can eat eggs (green ones at that) in all sorts of situations.

My suggestions, just in case they have been unintelligible through all this sarcastic ranting, are:

1) Stop doing things just to do them, and start doing what it takes to hit your goals.

2) If you're dead set on putting eggs in a shake...cook them, throw em in the blender, and let'er rip. Enjoy?

3)I also think you have no idea what it takes, nor what it means to be lean and ripped, based on your opening statement, and your breakfast.

Why don't you post your stats and complete diet so you can get some thorough help?


im sure you could pulverize them and food process them but... why... just eat them..? Soft boil them and just eat the yolks... I don't know... strange idea =p


Yeah I'm with NewDamage especially about the "just what you do" part. If you are ripped and lean and it's just what you do that's one thing, if you aren't there and want to be there, it's time to change to what you need to do.


note: typo= im actually 18. haha

ok. i picked the wrong words for "its just what i do"...the peanut butter i eat IS actually a relatively high protein source and fat source from the flax seed/oil. i am willing to change i was just saying what my diet in the morning is and saying "and thats what i like to eat." or "thats what i think is right for me".

i dont have that much time in the morning to prep any food. so those are the things that are the easiest.
i never said i have to eat eggs only in the mornings or in a smoothie. im not stupid. but thanks.

and im pretty sure if youre going to be completely judgemental about everything i said and rip me on a simple comment or 2, then i dont really want that kind of help.
it was a simple question. i dont think the only possible way to eat eggs is in a smoothie, it's just a convenient protein source (which by the way, is added with milk and protein powder already, im just trying to pump it up a bit and get some natural tissue type protein [hope you know what i mean] in there). so i was just seein if anyone had any crazy cooked egg smoothie recipes that they've tried. i didnt expect anyone to. i was just wondering.

you may have been misjudging me as well. i am already a very healthy person who is lean and muscular in most people's regards. im not a complete moron when it comes to nutrition. believe me.
so if you have anything to sarcasm the hell out of me about in this part then go ahead. but you probably took it the wrong way.

(edit: just realized youre in alabama. what part? im in hoover)


If you want to get some protein from eggs into a shake but are afraid of eating them raw then go to the grocery store and get some pasteurized egg whites by the carton.


Fair enough. It just sounded to me like you were being stubborn.

You're welcome? Here's what you said

Granted, I added the morning part...because the way you wrote your post, it sounded as if cooking and eating eggs was not an option.

Your question, in the grand scheme of things, is ridiculous. I did offer help at the end of my post.

Lean and muscular in most people's regards is different from being actually lean and ripped. But whatever, your goals are your goals. Feel free to prove me wrong, but I have a hunch that you are not where you want to be, and I still maintain that you are not headed in the right direction, either. There is no sense in getting suboptimal results by practicing the wrong things, either.

I still asked for your stats and a complete picture of your diet so we can better guide you where you want to go. If that's more involved than what you want do supply, thats fine.

You're correct in wanting to avoid the raw eggs; but you don't need to put cooked eggs in a shake. Just eat them. If you don't eat them, don't fret; its not going to be the heavy hitter in getting your physique where you want it to be. The big picture is more important.


oh. sorry. definitely didnt mean that.

i didnt think it was ridiculous. just curious to see if it could be done logically.

no no. im saying that im not ripped, but i am muscular in most peoples opinion. thats all. i WANT to get ripped. and from my own personal gains i feel like i am actually going in the right direction.
age: 18/ weight: 175-180lb/ height: 6'/ i dont know what else you want.
usual diet:

breakfast=2 or 3 fruits (banana always, berries, pineapple, apple), 1/2 or 1 whole wheat bagel (about 12g protein is what i try to purchase) with all natural peanut butter w/ flax seed and flax seed oil (i believe its 10g of protein per tbsp) and a glass of milk or 100% orange juice.

lunch(im in high school..ugh)= i usually get a chicken sandwich or salad, with grapes and a banana on the side, and maybe some baked lays on the side (their attempt at health food). During the weekends i usually have turkey, tuna, or chicken, usually includes lettuce and/or tomatoes. If i get fast food then its usually a wrap or a salad of some sort.

dinner= this is usually my highest protein meal of the day. most of the week it is grilled or pan seared chicken breast with a pasta, potato, rice, and veggies. other times it is lean beef fajitas with lettuce and flax added (like tonight :)) or a steak. If not the above sides, i have a large salad that includes chicken, lettuce, carrots, apple, grapes, and a cheese.

my snacks: are limited because we aren't allowed to have food in school, but i usually have something when i get home like apple, berries, nuts or something like pretzels.

don't worry. i know the eggs arent a "heavy hitter". i definitely wasnt praising eggs. i just want to include them in my diet because they are nutritious. :wink:


I agree with above poster about peanut butter. I'm ADing it at the moment and I'm loving PB - Because it's like 70% Fat.


Why don't you just eat the eggs?


i probably will if i do eat them.