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Does anyone have any cookbook suggestions for healthy meals? Preferably with a macro-nutrient breakdown for each meal. The chicken and tuna thing is getting pretty old REALLY fast! Somebody, anybody, hellllp,…please! Pretty please even…

Heres one that is more about cookng techniques, rather than recipes although there aresome good ones. “Techniques of Healthy Cooking” , its put out by the CIA (Culinary Institute of America). All the recipes give macro-nutrient breakdowns, but moe importantly it will show you some good cooking techniques. You may want to skip the nutrition section, as it goes with the status quo.

Bill Phillips and the people at Body-for-Life are coming out with an Authorized Recipe book this summer. As much as the people of this forum are opposed to Body-for-Life, it will have alot of useful recipes in it, and should contain macronutrient and calorie breakdowns.

Joel: I’m actually looking forward to the book. Should be pretty kewl!

Do you have ANY idea what’s going on with the “ABSolution” book by Shawn? This thing has been “coming” for a year now!

(P.S. Congrats on your win!)

Thanks for the congrats; appreciated. You can pre-order Shawn’s book at Nutros.com right now; as far as the actual release date, i’m not sure. I’m looking forward to the book for the 60 pages of photos; this guy’s physique is incredible!

Mufasa- I guess you missed all the little remarks made by T-mag about the “new ab book” coming out. The dude had ab etching lipo to get those perfect abs. Nothing wrong with that, but to put out a training book or photo book that’s made to inspire people to get into shape when you yourself used surgery to get that way is a little dishonest. It’s like saying, “Everyone could look this way, if they use roids and get ab lipo of course.” And Joel, you’re a good guy, but getting excited about all the photos sounds really gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that. (I miss Seinfeld.)

I actually bought the one Muscular development was flogging a few years ago. John Romano wrote it and it was called “Muscle meals” . It has all the macronutrient breakdowns for each recipe and is pretty good. Lots of good p+f and p+c recipes. The only part that sucks is the section on soy based recipes. Also, John would’nt include any pork recipes because he thought pork was evil. Recipes are pretty good and more importantly, easy.

Sorry for sounding gay. I’m 100% heterosexual. Just wanted to make that known to everyone on the forum. However, I can appreciate Shawn’s physique. I never heard about him getting ab lipo; but I’ll check up on that. That would be kind of dissapointing if it’s true; would lose alot of respect (from me anyway).

I have a George Forman Grill, and I found out there’s a book you can buy that has recipes just for the grill. I’m gonna check it out.

Thanks to everyone, but are there special web-sites that I have to go to order these books or can I just go to Waldens or Boarders. To Ko:I live in the Bay Area (Hayward) are there any good restaurants that you would recommend. (any kind, I’m not pickey.)

Can I just go to the bookstore to buy or must I order??

Which book are you referring to?

Any of the ones that are out currently. If you know where I could pre-order the Bill Philips one or aquire it later when it comes out that would help also.

It will be available at any major book store (i.e. Waldenbooks, Barnes and Noble, Borders). I have not heard anything about pre-ordering as of right now; but if i find out something, i’ll let you know.

Your a good man.

Also check out Amazon or www.powells.com - you’ll have a choice of either used or brand new.

James: you asked Ko about restaurants in the Bay Area? I'm thinking of a particular restaurant that was begun by a well-known and respected chef (who's a woman) - maybe Ko can remember the name..But I would also check out the Zagats website for their ratings of restaurants. I believe it maybe www.zagats.com - I'll check and make sure.

I have not been to the bay area in years, nor have i really kept up on whats going on there. Zagats is a good source for ideas, so is citysearch. I myself would have a hard time leaving China town.

Wow, Pat…this is one where I think Hannu Selin “missed” it? (Or maybe it was just his decision…who knows)…

NOBODY was coming up with the type of recipes he had at the time he had them…a time when a bodybuilder’s mainstays were dried chicken breast, tuna and rice…oh well…I bet he could have devised a GREAT cookbook!