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Do you any of you guys have any suggestions on a good cook book? I need some new stuff to work with besides just throwing things together. I’ve seen a few but need some more reccomendations/suggestions. Oh yeah, more specifically leaning toward the “one dish” side, kind of like the hamburger helper stuff. Thanks

I recommend any of Anne Lindsay’s “Light-Hearted Cooking” books, mainly because she uses fresh ingredients (not a can of this, or a box of that), is conscious of HOW foods are cooked, is great with flavourings, and lists the caloric values (fats, proteins, etc.) for the recipes on each page. There is lots of variety and anything I have made has been very tasty and enjoyed by the family. Unfortunately, I don’t think she has too many “one-pot” meals.

I would highly reccomend looking at Chinese cookbook. There are many simple one pot dishes in Chinese cooking, and they can easily be altered to meet your needs(adding veggies, rice or changing the meat). Try the “1000 recipe Chinese cookbook " by Gloria Bley Miller. Another good one is “Chinese one dish meals” by Huang Su-Huei” , it has lots of good picture and simple instructions. This book may be hard to find, but it is a good book for people with limited cooking skill.

I did a quick search and found it at powells books.You can order it online at powellbooks.com