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Cookbook for Overweight Father-in-law?

My father-in-law is a big guy that probably weighs in above 325 lbs. I only see him a couple of times a year and when I saw him this Thanksgiving he was bigger than ever. I know he is real sensitive about his weight and from what my wife says, he eats the most when he is stressed. I know during this economic times he is really stressed about his business.

So anyways, I wanted to get him a helpful & healthy cookbook for Christmas that was easy, tasty, and had “manfood” in it. Something with the nutritional breakdown in it so he can count calories and macros. He is single and lives alone so 30 minute and under meals would be best.

Anyone have suggestions to a cookbook that would not be insulting (like “your fat, here’s how to make salald”) but help to point him in the right direction???


It will change his life.

what she said.

if you don’t want to get the whole PN, just get the Gourmet Nutrition recipe book