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Mike’s got it all wrong. That’s why he lost by so much in the 1980 Olympia. This is how we cook turkey at the Schwarzeneggar household every Christmas…
The oven only needs to be 120º, but you must cook it for 20 hours or it will be too dry!
If the turkey doesn’t come out right, you haven’t cooked it long enough!

I’ve been to Arnold’s on Xmas, and I can tell you that they not only cook it all day, they are careful to rotate it and cook it from all angles, using at least 5 per turkey part. If the drumsticks aren’t up to snuff, Arnold cuts off the skin to expose their scawniness for all to see. Then he smokes a joint and goofs on a deaf guy.

Ah, the Huckster has indeed seen Pumping Iron. BTW, try deep frying a turkey some day. We did it at Thanksgiving and it was the best turkey we ever cooked. Make sure you use peanut oil though. It enhances the taste.