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hey t-men,
Instead of cooking the bird at 375º for 6 hours, you need only cook it for 1 hour at 2000º! All you guys have been wasting your time! If the turkey looks burnt, don’t blame me; that just means you still cooked it for too long!
Merry Christmas

This is only true the first time you cook turkey. As you approach your true “turkey potential” you will find that you can get by with 4000 or even 5000 degrees for 15 minutes or less. Of course, it goes without saying that you have to take more and more time between Thanksgivings.

Hahaha. Great post. I know the point of your post was to wish everyone a Merry Xmas, but I still have to defend poor Mikey. Although he was an extremist he still forced you to think about the poplur training methods that were popular at the time. And he was the first to introduce me to the dangers of overtraining and not to insist on copying the pros. Who knows how many years he saved me from “Arnold’s Encyclopedia of BodyBuilding for kids who dont know shit and assume that 7 time Olympia juicer’s book is the way to do it” BTW Merry X-mas to all you guys and gals out there :slight_smile:

Make sure you chew each bite only 2 to 3 times, and clench your teeth as hard as you can…yeah, I guess you could take this to extremes. Seriously, as to Mike, the workout in his first book is great for short cycles. In the long run, you will run into injury problems. As a philosopher, he sucked. I am an objectivist, and really was annoyed by his passing himself off as one. The foundation of the philosophy is adherance to reality, and MM had the worst case of denial I ever saw. And as for Arnold’s books, I still have a copy of his old Bodybuilding for Men. The routines are way too long, of course, but there are some grat training photos, esp him doing a side chest in the gym while Franco Colombo looks on. You could serve a Thanksgiving dinner on top of those pecs. Of course, you’d need to limit the side dishes to no more than 2 per sitting, and eat the turkey to exhaustion before immediately following up with one gigantic bite of mashed potatoes…

Would the Bulgarians cook their turkeys a little bit 3 or 4 times every day?

I think the proper method is to cook the turkey at 2000 degrees for 15 minutes and then wait two weeks for it to “recuperate” before serving.

Mike juiced too, although his drug of choice was speed. I finally asked my buddy how it was the Mike Mentzer ended up in the LA County Jail for six months when he was working there. Mike had been taking quite a bit of speed for a while and got delusional. He went into a bank and started freaking out, the bank guard tried to get him to go outside. Mike was paranoid due to the drugs and starting fighting the guard, then the cops that showed up thinking that they were the "ones" that were "after him", which is why he ran into the bank in the first place. Funny how he used to rank on things like steroids and drugs when more than a few people that knew him early on knew that he used them. Oh well. Making a living at the iron game is tough, sometimes in order to sell yourself as a guru you have to come up with something that stands out, even if it is a bit extreme.

Kind of weird how Mike and his brother both died within a week or so of each other. That should be on Unsolved Mysteries one day.

actually, you guys are all wrong. i may only be 19 but i can prepare a whole thxgiving meal myself. you have to cook the turkey in intervals. for example, 150 degree warmup for 15 min, then proceed into the intervals, 700 degrees for 15 min, then 250 degree for 25 min, then repeat. the number of times you repeat depends ont he weight of the turkey. generally, repeat once for every 2-4 lbs of weight. good luck makin the bird! and have a good xmas!