Convince my Conspiracy Friend That "Big Pharma" Isn't Poisoning TRT

Just saying how it was stated. Because apparently now not being pro covid shots lumps you in the same boat as the anti vaccine loonies as a whole.


It doesnt make basic sense but not taking the testosterone is probably better for him in the long run so what’s the problem?

The covid vaccines were horrible, that’s a fact
But now that you are down that road what’s your argument that vaccines as a whole were that good to begin with beside an assumption?

Practically eradicating diseases that were prevalent and common in the past.


That’s what I used to think, but it turns out I just hadn’t lived long enough in this world yet

You think the spread, hospitalization, and death from something like measles hasn’t improved leaps and bounds after the intro of the vaccine?

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I am aware of the polio case and read some stuff about it (Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries M.D)
The bottom line is it didnt work while the medical establishment says it work
There is reasons to think none of them are worth it and this is now my position by default, especially witnessing the psychology of the medical profession and willful ignorance / looking the other way since covid.
I would have to look at every single one of them separately for every disease, but I am confident that at this point I would come to this exact conclusion.

For all the standard childhood vaccines we receive, how many cases are you aware of going on around you for all the diseases they cover? How many cases have you heard of? Whens the last time anyone you know or have anyone tell you they know someone who suffered from them?

Lets take the MMR vaccine. All states make it mandatory during childhood. How many cases have you even just heard of about measles, mumps, and rubella?

eradicated sicknesses is a pharma scam. do some proper research before repeating mainstream phrases mindlessly.

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I said practically eradicating.

Same question to you. You heard of anyone suffering any disease state the MMR vaccine covers???

OK Mr. I Recommend More than 2 shots per week to anyone and everyone. (TRT protocol)

The smoking gun for your friend…

The sinister plot for test cyp started about 1950. Thanks Syracuse and Upjohn for your evil plans.


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Well considering the tinfoil hatters are batting near 1000 at this point. Personally I wouldn’t just put it down.

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Test i.m. may intensify paranoia.
Can you also advise him how much, how often, how long?

What evidence is considered in the “my TRT is poison” narrative? How many TRT related deaths/poisonings have been reported in the last…oh…50 years? Name one person whose cause of death was determined to be accidental (or intentional) poisonous contamination of injectable testosterone.
This has to be a joke.


As someone who was skeptical of the rushed to market COVID vaccines and never took them I don’t think TRT poisoning would be optimal. I’ll leave my opinion of the COVID vaccine itself out of here for space sake but Big Pharma needs people alive to make more money and klling their customers isn’t a good business plan. Obviously there is some environmental or food factor that is causing the lowering of Testosterone in men earlier than ever. Now factor in the amount of men wanting to be women these days and it starts to make more sense that maybe their estrogen levels are way too high. If anything your going to be seeing a massive increase in testosterone prescriptions over the next 5-10 years. Take me for example, I’ve never done a steroid and in my late 30s I had my levels checked and I was at a level of a 70 year old man. Yes I get this can happen to people but it’s becoming more and more common it’s concerning.


Secretly dose him with Test Cyp. Watch his T levels grow and he’ll stop being a little girl about this topic. /sarcasm of course

This is not rational thought processing. Do not leave him with children or Chinese bats……

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The Truth is out there

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You’ll never change the mind of a conspiracy theorist. I’d just tell them to avoid what they think has been put out there to control or kill them. End of discussion.

I think his reasoning is that it would be recent that they did this and it would be to cover up the vaccine screw up. Make everyone get what’s in the vaccine regardless of if they got the vaccine kind of thing