Convince Me That Salt is Good for Me

What are the benefits of salt for athletes?

Um, sodium is vital for innumerable biological functions?

Better question for you: Why are you convinced salt is BAD for you?

On the figures he gives: There is nothing wrong with using the amount he says.

However, his statement that one “needs” to use those amounts is I think not correct. Half the amount he says – which is still far more than sodium-fearers consume – is IMO still good.

I personally do not avoid salt per se, as some do. That’s all the thought I really give to it.

Oh, I don’t think salt is bad for you at all. I’ve noticed however Google searches on salt always bring up webpages that are against the consumption of salt.
I am however curious about the use of salt during on athletes that are trying to bulk. I would assume the retention of water would benefit them.

Also, when doing intense cardio (one that leads to a lot of sweating) is it not optimal to eat some salt before? In order to balance the electrolytes lost from sweating?

Retention of water can occur with changed sodium intake but is not the case from ongoing higher sodium intake.

Salt is essential dude. In normal meals that you cook yourself salt is what brings out the flavor of the spices, and of course we need a lot of sodium. However, a lot of packaged food and potato chips are ridiculously high in salt and other bad shit so… yes those are bad for you.

[quote]Fabregas wrote:
What are the benefits of salt for athletes? [/quote]
You should be asking what kind of salt benefits athletes…I only use redmonds or celtic sea salt when cooking. Has loads of trace minerals…and especially people like athletes who do many hours of training a week sweat so much and lose a lot of sodium. You have to keep a balance in your body.

Yet that link Bill Roberts threw up has some great info!

No mention of iodine anywhere? Iodized salt is probably most folk’s best source of essential iodine.

next time you’re playing sports, take a taste of a drop of sweat. what does it taste like?

case closed.

[quote]SteelyD wrote:
No mention of iodine anywhere? Iodized salt is probably most folk’s best source of essential iodine.[/quote]

That said, if following Abel’s recommendations on amount of salt, or even I think half that, it’s better to use uniodized salt for the extra.

As the amount of iodide included in iodized salt is balanced for more typical salt usage.

Salt added to clean, physique friendly foods are not the same as the prepackaged crap loaded with sodium. I like sea salt, I prefer the taste of it too, not to mention it has more minerals than regular table salt. I think many people over-hype the issue of salt, it’s more a factor of the bulllshit food people eat.


Well there you have it then.

[quote]The1andOnly wrote:
I once read that the sodium’s bad for you for body building, but not too sure where the I read it. Of course there are uses but salts in everything we eat, which means we’re consuming more than we need which makes it bad for us.[/quote]

You’ve saved us all.

sea salt is full of good stuff…use it.

[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:
Well there you have it then.[/quote]


Good article, I’d forgotten about that one. I enjoy Abel’s work.