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Convince me Hot-Rox is worth taking

hey all, this is tones’ girlfriend from the other post, you guys have been really helpful thanks a lot.

i have been on t-dawg now for about 6 weeks and have only dropped about 4 pounds so we’re trying to pin down my diet, find the problems, yada yada yada.

anyhoo, since my metabolism is now and for ever will be slower than a dead possum we have been kicking around the idea of using hot-rox, however, not to sound like a dork, but i have never been too keen on all the supplement stuff (besides natural supplements).no long term data to back it up that sort of thing.

so i was just wanting to get peoples opinions who have been using it, and maybe it will quell my fears and we’ll get some. i feel like i have my diet pinned down enough so that a weight loss supplment would be effective (im not cramming jelly donuts down my pie hole all day) but still unsure. i know its not ephedra or whatever, but still lurks in the back of my mind that i will fall over dead. extreme i know, but hey.

anton really thinks its what i need to jump start my metabolism to life and after a few weeks of only loosing about .5 lb per week, im inching more and more toward it.

sorry for the long windedness. i appreciate everyones helpfullness!!! :slight_smile:

i forgot to post my stats.

height 4’11"
weight 130
bf (getting measured this week)

i started at 134lb and my goal is 120lb, so at my current rate it will take me another 5 months or more to get to 120. im all for healthy eating, but i’d like to slack up on my restrictions a tad before im 30.

Well, one thing is that having your diet pinned down means much more than not cramming doughnuts down your pie hole. You should be fairly calculated with your macros.

Weight training should work well for your metabolism, and CT’s running programs would help accelerate your results.

A lot of people, here and on other sites, have said many good things about Hot Rox. I am currently on it and have lost noticible amounts of body fat, though I tend to tighten up anyway once I watch my diet a bit. I’d have to say I’m not convinced it’s done what my lighter wallet hoped it would have, though I can definitely say that it helped a lot with cravings, especially when I first started it…I plan to try another bottle (to fulfill the “try for at least one month” caveat).

Check out the HOT rox challenge they had last summer. Pictures don’t lie this stuff works.

I’ve used it and so has my sister. We both love it. Never thought I could say that about a non ephedrine fat burner. Most of them really suck without the E.

The good thing about Hot-rox is that it helps you build muscle even while dieting. That keeps the metabolism high and prevents yo-yo’ing. BUT, if you add muscle the scale might not show a big difference as you’ll be losing fat AND gaining muscle, so be sure to use other forms of progress measurement besides just the scale. Hot-rox really knocks carb cravings too if thats the kind of diet you’re using.

Overall, I give it two thumbs up. See if the crappy search engine here will bring up the Hot-rox inferno challenge from last year. Lots of feedback there and pics. Good stuff.

Hot Rox is a good supp. but I wouldnt use it so that you are able to cheat on your diet as you have hinted @.

Another thing is that if you are training and losing .5 lbs a week that aint bad. It could be possible that you are gaining LBM and losing BF. How are the clothes fitting?.

That said give the Hot Rox a go you wont be let down. As far as only wanting to take supps. that are natural and backed by years of testing, have you looked into the ingredients in HOT ROX. You should do a search on them, this might ease your apprehension.


Hi there, yellowkiwi. It’s great to hear about the effort you’re putting into your diet!

As others have suggested, you’ve GOT to break down your body composition, especially if you are fairly new to weightlifting. If you started dieting and lifting around the same time (even if you’ve lifted before but had a layoff), you will almost certainly gain several pounds of lean mass while losing fat. You cannot know this from your scale alone. In my experience, over the course of a month or so, I’ve lost 5 lbs of fat while gaining 7 lbs of muscle. The net change on the scale is +2 lbs. Discouraging, unless you know what those pounds are!

Secondly, I wonder why you feel you will always have a low metabolism. Have you been diagnosed with a permanent hypothyroid condition, such as Hashimoto’s? Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any other reason why metabolism can’t be improved.

I have been taking Hot Rox for about 2 weeks; last week my weight regime consisted of OVT and I planned for 1 low-intensity and 2 high intensity roadwork sessions. Not only did I skip my low-intensity and one of my high intensity sessions, but my eating habits were pretty much suck. Had midterms last week, usually I take the time to pack meals for throughout the day, but last week I more or less survived off of Wendy’s chili and the occasionaly Subway. Still weighed in at 99.5 kilo. Last week I was slightly more than 100 kilo. My strength levels have increased as well so no loss in muscle mass.

I in no way want to lay off my diet. i would like to be able to reach my goals through diet and excercise alone, however im looking into the different products partly from my bfs asking me to and partly out of interest. When I do reach my goals I intend laying off in the sense that I wont count absolutely everything that i eat, this to me is more of a lifestyle change than just a diet shift for a couple of months.

I also do look at other things besides the scale. (besides the bf since i havent been able to get it measured yet) we take my measurements as well and stuff. however, i was under the impression that the reasoning behind t-dawg was that it allowed for a 1lb or so a week of fat loss without loosing muscle. it seems like one of the probs with the really low carb diets is the weight you are loosing could be anything, which, im not trying to necessarily bulk up, but i would like to keep the muscle i have. my clothes feel looser to an extent, but it just doesnt feel like im going anywhere.

if i were not to be seeing the weight loss because of gaining more muscle, i would expect to see more results while working out and appearance wise than i am. so in combo with that and not loosing the projected lb/week is why i feel like im stuck in the rut.

75 pounds of fat loss last year.

It kept me from stalling for the last 30 pounds.

It’s worth every nickel!

Buy two bottles, take them, if you don’t think that Hot-Rox was effective enough, return them and get your money back. You are the only one who can convince yourself that it is safe and effective.

if your metabolism is truely near dead right now, I think you shouldnt rely on supplements ATM to jump start it. I had to take my near dead metabolism and do just this. Things to check liek others have said is your macronutrients… Are you even eating enough? (IE, is your body in starvation mode). Are you eating small meals every 2 1/2-3hours? Are you getting the proper nutrients through your food and/or vitamins(aim for this through food though).Are you drinking enough water?
When my metabolism was dead there were times i was eating less than 800-1000 calories a day(not on purpose, i was never hungry - which was a sign of a sluggish metabolism) and I was still packing on pounds tremendously. Now I eat more than 2k calories a day and Im loosing weight. If I can jump start my metabolism without the use of Hot Rox(or any thing else besides food, exercise, flax oil & vitamins)to start, so can you. I will add that after I made sure I was burning fat on my own & getting the right food into me I did add (half dose)Hot-Rox to my program & it’s great stuff. I just dont think you should rely on it to get things moving at this point in time without checking strictly into your diet first. If everything is right & in place I’d say go for it.

Like someone pointed out, you could be loosing fat & gaining LBM. The idea is to not pay attention to the scale, maybe instead watch your inches in “trouble” areas. Or just see how your “old” clothes fit in afew more weeks.